Light Intensity Sensors, Occupancy & Motion Detectors


Light & Shade Under Control

Our Measuring Devices for Light Intensity, Motion & Occupancy

Motion & Light Sensors for Enhanced Energy and Cost-Efficiency

PHOTASGARD® light intensity sensors and KINASGARD® motion or occupancy detectors are your perfect choice when it comes to energy saving and security. These S+S solutions keep your costs of lighting, shading, heating and cooling in the ‘green’ range. They also have an ideal fit in presence detection applications for security zones. 

Application Areas for Motion & Light Intensity Sensors

Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and lighting systems, shading and solar protection, access control, protected and security zones, production facilities and offices in line with occupational health and safety regulations, greenhouses, parking lots, hallways and courtyards


  • Proven application versatility
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Multi-functional deployment
  • Switchable measuring ranges
  • Optionally with M12 connector
Multi-Range Switching

Twilight | Outdoor Light Intensity Level Sensors

Discrete Control

Motion, Light Intensity, Humidity & Temperature


In-Ceiling Motion Detectors

The KINASGARD® DBWF ⁄ DBWF-C motion and occupancy sensor detects the presence of stationary and moving people and has a switch contact output. It is used for surveillance, occupancy status detection and motion-depending control of room functions, such as for heating temperature reduction in non-occupied rooms. 

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