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How does a condensation monitor / dew point monitor work and where is it used?

When moist air meets cooler surfaces, condensation occurs. Outdoors, this humidity is not a problem, but indoors it can quickly lead to massive damage. Humidity destroys technical equipment and the fabric of the building.
Condensation monitors (or dew point monitors) are humidity measuring devices. These condensation monitors / dew point monitors are mounted, for example, on chilled ceilings, pipelines, window panes or in switch cabinets, etc. and reliably monitor the condensation of the surfaces with their humidity and temperature sensors.
When the circuit output is activated – i.e. when surface humidity increases – for example, a heating or ventilation system can be switched on to prevent further condensation and humidity. In this way, the humidity measuring device protects your systems and buildings from damage caused by moisture.

What is a leakage sensor / moisture monitor?

A leakage sensor is a humidity measuring device. It is used for early detection and location of leaking water/pipelines. Especially in buildings with sensitive electrical and electronic systems, the humidity measuring device can protect against water damage and system failure.

How does the leakage sensor / moisture monitor work?

Humidity sensors, such as leakage sensors / humidity monitors, are placed in the immediate surroundings of pipelines – on the floor, in false ceilings or heating systems – ideally directly at a point that will be flooded first in the event of water damage. If there is water/humidity between the electrodes of the humidity measuring device, an action that has been defined by the user, e.g. an alarm signal, is triggered. In this way, the moisture sensor protects your building from damage.

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