‘Feel-Good Climate’ with Energy Efficiency

Air, Gas and Liquid Control with Measuring Devices from S+S

Our Sensors for Air Quality and Flow

Increased indoor CO2 values, fine dust (PM) or VOC loads are bad for
energy efficiency and well-being. With our AERASGARD air quality and RHEASGARD ­flow sensors you can monitor the entire room climate in a controlled way. And with our RHEASREG flow monitors and controllers
you are well in control of ducts for air, gases or liquids.

Application Areas of Air Quality Measuring Devices

Room ventilation and air-conditioning, flow monitoring of ventilators,
butterfly valves, heating registers and humidifiers, energy management, residential, working and conference rooms, movie theatres, showrooms
and retail stores, institutes and laboratories


  • High energy saving potential
  • Enhanced comfort and well-being
  • Available in many different versions
  • Multi-functional devices for up to
    4 measurands
  • Patented multi-chamber channel pipe
  • Interconnective Modbus versions
  • Optionally with M12 connector
Plug & Play

CO2 Traffic Light with Acoustic Warning

Against Fine Dust (PM)

Particulate Matter Sensor Devices

Air Quality Sensors

Sensors for Ambient Air Quality Control

Make Room Climate Measurable

The room climate has a significant influence on well-being, productivity and energy efficiency. Our multi-functional room sensor devices provide you with data about the most important measurands of humidity, temperature, mixed gases (VOC), CO2 and particulate matter. Active and Modbus capable sensors available.

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Air Quality Sensors in Focus


Mixed gas sensors for
on-wall or duct installation
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Interconnective air quality sensors
in various different versions
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Multi-chamber channel pipe for
CO2 and VOC (mixed gas) detection
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Electronic and mechanical
flow monitors
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