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Light intensity sensors

Our PHOTASGARD® brightness sensors / brightness sensors have been specially adapted to eye sensitivity - their greatest sensitivity is in the range from 350 to 820 nm. Thanks to a special filter, the sensors are thus suitable for measuring the illuminance of daylight and/or artificial light. Brightness sensors do not measure movement.


Where is a light intensity sensor used?

The task of a light sensor is to measure brightness. This is done by a special sensor that can be additionally attached to the lighting equipment. This can refer as well to the measurement of artificial light/daylight indoors as to the measurement of daylight outdoors. If the brightness level falls below the predefined value, a function is triggered.
  • Indoor application: at working places, in corridors, offices, living and business rooms as well as industrial and storage halls as daylight-dependent constant light control, as brightness sensor or twilight sensor and as sun protection control to avoid unnecessary room heating, light sensor is used.
  • Outdoor application: the sensors are used to control luminaires, lighting systems, blinds and awnings as well as to monitor lighting conditions outdoors, in industrial halls, greenhouses, warehouses or workplaces.

How does a luminosity sensor work?

Light/illumination sensors measure the lighting intensity of their surroundings. If this brightness level falls below a defined value, a connected lighting system is activated. Our PHOTASGARD® brightness sensors / light sensors have been specially adapted to eye sensitivity - their main sensitivity is in the range of 350 to 820 nm. With a special filter, the sensors are thus predestined for measuring the illuminance of daylight and/or artificial lights with a high colour temperature (similar to sunlight).

What is the difference between a light intensity sensor and a motion detector?

Light sensors measure the brightness of a room or outdoor area. If the level falls below or exceeds a defined value, the sensor triggers a predefined action. Light sensors do not measure movement.
Motion sensors, on the other hand, react exclusively to movement and thus provide additional lighting in dark corners - regardless of the ambient brightness.

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