S+S Device Classes
Uncompromising Quality at Each Configuration Level

Our portfolio of sensors and transducers is differentiated in three classes depending on the required functionality – without any limitations to proven S+S quality, reliability and long service life.

3 device classes explained



Complete Programme
for Basic Functions

  • Compact TYR 01 housing
  • IP 54 protection type (tested)
  • Up to 2 measuring variables
  • Multi-range switching
  • Very long product life
  • Passive or active outputs (U/I)
  • Optional two-line display
    (36 x 15 mm) on fold-out film hinge support



Medium Configuration
for Enhanced Functionality

  • Compact TYR 1 housing
  • IP 67 protection type (tested)
  • Captive quick-release screws (quarter turn) for zero distortion tight fit
  • Modbus and EtherCAT P capable versions
  • Optional two-line display
    (36 x 15 mm) on fold-out film hinge support

S+S DELUXE *****


Maximum Configuration Level
for Highest Demands

  • TYR 2 housing
    (126 x 90 x 50 mm)
  • IP 65 protection class
  • Multi-functional devices for
    up to 5 measuring variables
  • Modbus capable versions,
    analogue and digital outputs,
    change-over contacts
  • Optional three-line display
    (70 x 40 mm) on fold-out film hinge support
sensor with display opened up

Well-Conceived, Integral Quality Design

Our new products and design lines are widely inspired by the experience and demands of our customers. At S+S, engineering, prototyping, testing and serial production are all performed in-house. The result of this integral approach is a high-quality and flexible product landscape with perfect solutions for any customer requirements – at an attractive price-performance ratio. This is how we define quality.

5 Years Warranty

Faultless quality is not just a promise in our business, but a basic requirement. This is why we design, develop, programme and manufacture all of our sensor devices in-house, including function testing and calibration prior to shipping. That's our understanding of ‘Made in Germany’. And therefore we grant a five-year warranty on all newly purchased S+S products – in addition to and independently from statutory provisions.
5 years warranty
Overview certificate

Uncompromising Quality Control

In terms of quality, we don't leave anything to chance. Ensuring
this, S+S is regularly certified by independent external inspection authorities. Our quality management complies with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. And our products also meet the Russian quality and safety standards (GOST) as well as the regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAC).

Moreover, we maintain long-standing relations with experienced upstream suppliers who share our quality standards. S+S uses only carefully selected and tested materials in line with the European RoSH Directive 2011/65/EU and the German Regulation on Materials Used in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ElektroStoffVerordnung).

Tested Safety

Apart from the rigorous procedures at our own test centre, tests performed by external laboratories substantiate the safety of our products. This spans from CE and ESD labels to the protection types of devices and on to the use of RoSH conforming materials.
TÜV certificate
Patents for sensors and design

Patents for Added Value

As an innovative medium-sized business, S+S owns more than 35 patents and utility models, protecting our products against piracy. The active protection of our intellectual property also ensures that
you are investing in the added value of an advanced and future-proof control technology.
Pleuroform tube patent

Channel Pipe for Air Quality Transducers


Patent DE 10 2016 010 719.1

  • Intelligent PLEUROFORM multi-chamber channel pipe in patented twin-shell design and moulded in durable polyamide resin
  • Positively tight separation of channels by means of integrated stiffening ribs and webs
  • Patented mode of action
  • Patented measuring method
  • Patented mechanical design

Locking Screw & Housing with Funnel Sleeve for Immersion Sensors


Patent DE 10 2012 017 500.0 and
Patent DE 10 2014 004 837.3

  • Perfect centering: The immersion sleeve is stabilised by the mounting flange on the housing and by an optional neck pipe as centering guide
  • Precise alignment: A locking screw ensures the fixation of the housing in the desired position.
  • For all circumstances: Besides immersion sleeves in stainless steel and galvanised brass, duct sensors are also available with a plastic mounting flange.
  • Simply clever: There is no need for renewing the insulation after recalibrating or replacing the sensor.
patent for lockig screw and casings
Patent Display holder

Fold-out Display Holder


Patent DE 10 2012 019 306

  • Extra-large display in new Tyr 2 housing
  • Tight fit: The display holder is an integrated part of the component assembly.
  • Flexible attachment: A film hinge allows the display to be folded out and gives access to a large connection space.

Transverse Air Flow for Condensation and Dewpoint Monitors


Patent DE 10 2012 015 726.6

  • Prodynamic cross-convection for condensation detection
  • No conductivity measurement
  • Accurate measuring results guaranteed
  • Patented measuring method
Patent Transverse Air Flow
perfect sensor protection

Perfect Sensor Protection

Applications in refrigeration engineering require specially treated sensors for long-term protection against environmental influences. Therefore, those sensors are encapsulated in silicone
or epoxy at S+S in a fully automated process.
PS Protection

Benefits of Our PS-Protection

  • Protection against vibration
  • Sensor protection against mechanical strain
  • Protection against humidity and condensation
  • Sensor protection against micro-corrosion
  • Enhanced longevity in demanding environments
  • Universal usability in outdoor areas and in refrigeration engineering