S+S in action | Application examples of our sensors

S+S in action

We demonstrate our capabilities - precision and reliability for your plants


Our products are characterized by highest quality and reliability and have proven themselves in numerous demanding projects at home and abroad. We supply control technology and sensor technology at the highest level - "Made in Germany".
With our many years of experience and our extensive know-how, we are able to offer you customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements. Whether in building automation, mechanical engineering or process control - our sensors are the perfect choice for demanding applications.
We provide you with a small insight into how S+S sensors are used in different applications and industries, where they contribute to increasing efficiency, productivity and safety:

Energy control center application examples

Secure and optimize your energy center with our reliable sensors:
Thanks to our pressure transmitters, you always keep an eye on the water and differential pressure of your plant.
Our temperature sensors measure and/or regulate the flow temperature of your plant - for maintenance purposes, to ensure the desired and constant flow temperature, and to save energy.
Many of our customers use Modbus sensors for these applications for easy integration into existing building automation.

Application examples Technology center

You want to centrally monitor and control the flow rate of your heating system, the current temperature of your air conditioning system, the air pressure as well as the humidity of your ventilation system?
S+S offers the suitable sensor for all these application areas. As a rule, you can choose from different versions exactly the device that meets your requirements - e.g. with or without display, with active output or as Modbus device and many more. All our devices can be networked for reliable building automation.

Application Examples of Air Filter Systems

Improve air quality and achieve continuous air filtration with S+S Regeltechnik sensors. Humidity, pressure, and temperature sensors regulate room air. CO2 and air quality sensors ensure a healthy indoor climate. Our sensors have Modbus and analog outputs and can be integrated into existing building automation. Control room air quality with sensors from S+S Regeltechnik.