Humidity Sensors/ Humidity Transmitters, Humidity Controllers & Hygrostats


No Chance for Mould Growth or Rust Formation

High-Precision Humidity Measuring Devices

Our Products for Humidity

HYGRASGARD® humidity sensor devices and HYGRASREG® humidity controllers
will never let you down when mould and rust formation must be prevented.
With an accuracy up to 2% r.H., they will always keep you on the safe side.
The application range of our humidity transducers spans from standard uses
in facility automation to the most demanding cleanroom installations.

Application Areas

Refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation and cleanroom engineering, food
and pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, production facilities and museums,
laboratories, offices, EDP rooms and control cabinets, greenhouses and meteorology.


  • Broad range of application areas
  • Minimum measuring and control tolerances
  • Consistent look & feel
  • Active and switching outputs
  • Interconnective Modbus und EtherCAT P versions
  • Optionally with M12 connector
Compact & Cost-Effective

Duct Humidity Sensors

Highly Precise & Rugged

On-Wall Humidity Sensors


Duct Humidity Sensors also in
Facility & Industrial Bus Versions

Digital humidity sensor devices with integrated temperature sensor ensure highly accurate measuring results thanks to small hysteresis and long-term stability. The modular design of our Tyr 2 housing family adds versatility. Both the high-impact plastic housing and the extremely rugged stainless steel housing are available for electrical connection using cable glands or M12 connectors.

Also available in EtherCAT P capable and
multifunctional Modbus versions.

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