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No chance for mould growth or rust formation

High-Precision humidity measuring devices

Our Products for Humidity

Our humidity measuring transducers, divided in product families of HYGRASGARD® humidity sensor devices and HYGRASREG® humidity controllers, will never let you down when mould and rust formation must be prevented. Designed as multi-functional products, they are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards of quality. Their application range spans from standard uses in facility automation to the most demanding cleanroom installations.

Broad portfolio

Calibration and fine adjustment are done by way of a bus system in climate cabinets. Thanks to microprocessor technology, almost any measuring range can be represented, including custom specifications. DIP switches in our humidity measuring devices provide for multi-range switching.

Application areas of our HYGRADGARD® & HYGRASREG® humidity measuring devices

  • Refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and cleanroom engineering
  • Food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Hospitals, museums, office buildings and greenhouses
  • Production facilities, laboratories, computer rooms and control cabinets
  • Meteorology
Compact & Cost-Effective

Duct Humidity Sensors

Highly Precise & Rugged

On-Wall Humidity Sensors


Duct Humidity Sensors also in
Facility & Industrial Bus Versions

Digital humidity sensor devices with integrated temperature sensor ensure highly accurate measuring results thanks to small hysteresis and long-term stability. The modular design of our Tyr 2 housing family adds versatility. Both the high-impact plastic housing and the extremely rugged stainless steel housing are available for electrical connection using cable glands or M12 connectors.

Also available in EtherCAT P capable and
multifunctional Modbus versions.

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Maximum precision

Our dew point and condensation monitors, leakage sensor devices and hygrostats, too, are developed and manufactured in our giga-factory according to the most state-of-the-art criteria. We use exclusively digital sensors of the latest generation. All humidity measuring devices are produced in-house and calibrated in our own climate chambers as well as checked for 100 percent functionality.
Each sensor can be readjusted by means of offset potentiometers. Take advantage of our experience, development, manufacturing and product know-how, and order your products directly from the manufacturer, S+S Regeltechnik.


Specialised monitors

Moreover, our portfolio also includes ‘specialists’ for particular jobs, as often found in cleanroom laboratories, climate cabinets, swimming pools, greenhouses, conservatories or computer rooms.
This is where e.g. our HYGRASREG® condensation and dew point monitors score with highly accurate measuring results thanks to their patented pro-dynamic cross-convection (no conductivity measuring). Combined hygro-thermostats are also available. RHEASREG® air flow monitors and wind vane switches are used for flow-dependent monitoring of ventilation and air conditioning ducts or humidifiers and electric heating registers. In these applications, they combine ideally with our PHOTASGASRD® light intensity sensor devices for measuring the illuminance of daylight in the control of lighting, shading and solar protection equipment.

Your benefits from our humidity sensor devices:

  • ±1.8% r.H. measuring accuracy
  • High quality and decades of experience
  • 5 years warranty on all of our products
  • Extra-large back-lit displays
  • Steplessly adjustable devices with digital display of measurands
  • Best performance and maximum switching accuracy with absolutely reliable switching characteristics
  • Patented design
  • High operating convenience
  • From outdoor to leakage sensor devices
  • Active and switching versions
  • Interconnective Modbus and EtherCAT P versions

How do our condensation monitors work?

Thanks to their patented measuring technology, dew point monitors from S+S go the extra mile. By measuring humidity and temperature in combination with the ambient air at the pipe, they can timely indicate the point of dew formation. This working principle enables users to eliminate the risk of dew formation on the monitored component.

What are hygrostats?

Our humidity sensor devices and humidity controllers will never let you down when mould and rust formation must be prevented. With an accuracy of 2% RH, they will always keep you on the safe side. Their application range spans from standard uses in facility automation to demanding cleanroom installations


What are humidity measuring devices?

Humidity measuring technology deals with measuring the relative humidity (r.H.) in air. There are different suitable humidity sensor devices and hygrostats available for use depending on the application area. Our products feature an accuracy of ±1,8% r.H.
In our webshop, you will find the following humidity measuring equipment:

  • Humidity sensor devices
  • Condensation monitors
  • Dew point monitors
  • Leakage detectors
  • Hygrostats


How accurate are our humidity measuring devices?

Our indoor and outdoor humidity measuring devices are manufactured in Germany and offer you a maximum of measuring accuracy and quality, including best measuring elements with a measuring accuracy of ±1,8% r.H. as well as 5 years warranty, high life expectancy and long-term stability. All of our products are energised for 24 hours prior to shipment and are also adjusted to measurands in the medium to reassure our customers of their maximum performance.