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S+S is now an ISO 14001 certified company for environmental management

S+S Regeltechnik has received the ISO 14001 certificate in June 2023 and thus meets internationally recognized standards for sustainable environmental management. This certification confirms our commitment to protecting the environment, reducing environmental impacts and continuously improving our environment-related processes. We proudly contribute to shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.

Title page of the certificate ISO14001 of S+S Regeltechnik
Sustainability is the foundation for all our actions. This is reflected in our Code of Conduct, our strategies for an environmentally conscious future as well as our manufacturing processes. We neither have a "Planet B", nor an alternative society - so we have to be careful with all our resources!
Portrait managing director Tino Schulze and Heiko Linke colored
Building S+S Regeltechnik colored from above

Environmental protection and resources

Our goal is to reduce and conserve the company's resources - including financial, environmental and human resources - to minimise the overall impact of our operations on the environment. We have designed our work processes accordingly. We strive to continuously improve our processes, optimise the entire life cycle of a product and take measures for environmental sustainability.

Latest building technology

In 2021, S+S moved into a new building with the latest building management system, the highest standard of thermal insulation and lighting exclusively with LEDs. Thanks to the latest building automation (Modbus/KNX) for climate control and blind control, as well as a heat pump with an efficiency of more than 99%, we actively contribute to the sustainable use of energy. With these measures, we are pioneers in the operation of comparable buildings and undercut the strict primary energy requirement limit according to the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) by 20%.

Graphic energy demand S+S Regetltechnik compared to the required value

Climate-friendly shipping

We consistently use the climate-friendly shipping option GoGreen from DHL. With GoGreen, transport-related CO2e emissions can be subsequently balanced by investments in certified external climate protection projects worldwide. This makes it possible to ship 100% climate-neutral. For S+S, that means an annual CO2e reduction of up to 5 t.

DHL GoGreen car on road between trees

Packaging recycling

S+S relies 100% on environmentally friendly and reusable packaging material. For example, we only use recycled shipping cartons and biodegradable filling material. By using corn starch chips instead of plastic chips for packaging, we reduce 900 kg of plastic per year. We are also part of a rolling packaging system: a large proportion of our suppliers deliver their products in reusable large boxes instead of climate-damaging individual packaging.

Packaging material from S+S. On the left packaging chips and on the right housings in recyclable boxes.

Further environmental goals for 2024:

  • CO2 reduction of 5% for the entire company
  • Electricity from 100% renewable energies
  • Conversion of the vehicle fleet to electric vehicles
Icons for e-car, bicycle, recycling, wind turbine/ wind power and green electricity/ green industry
Firmenfahrzeug angeschlossen an Ladesäule
Ladesäule bei S+S

Public e-charging stations at S+S

We take climate protection seriously! 
In order to advance our corporate goals, we installed four publicly accessible e-charging stations on our company premises last year. This enabled us to switch the S+S vehicle fleet completely and easily to electric vehicles. 

In addition, our employees and customers can now also charge their company or private vehicles easily and conveniently during working hours or when visiting our company, thus saving time and money as well as making a positive contribution to our carbon footprint.

Warehouse worker in aisle between warehouse shelves

Humans and working conditions

We treat all people with respect and dignity. The conditions, rights and development opportunities of our employees are equal throughout the entire company and are not dependent on age, gender, ethnicity, physical condition, religion, ideology or sexual orientation.

Diversity, equality and the compatibility of family and career are elementary components of our company policy. We are committed to creating a workplace that is healthy and safe, based on mutual respect and that leaves room for individual development for every employee.

Picture of weekly fruit basket, daily lunch and company bicycles provided by S+S.

New in 2023:

The health and well-being of our employees is very important to us. Therefore, we are pleased to offer our employees more special benefits starting this year:

  • In addition to the fresh fruit basket every week, each employee has the opportunity to get a free hot lunch in our canteen every day. Why? We believe that good, healthy and shared food improves well-being, a sense of belonging and, finally, work performance.
  • We also pay our employees tax-free inflation compensation to reduce the current high financial burden on our employees.
  • In addition to the free short-term use of our company-owned rental bicycles, our employees now have the opportunity to lease a new bicycle or e-bike at a low price. In this way, every employee can easily contribute to environmental protection and positively influence their health.

Recruitment and salary

We actively promote gender balance in the workplace for different types of jobs, regardless of position in the company.

The salaries of all employees are graded according to qualification and experience as well as the level of difficulty and the respective position. In this way, we aim to avoid unfounded salary differences.

Image Personnel Management Ms. Schulze
Packaging material from S+S. On the left packaging chips and on the right housings in recyclable boxes.

Economic growth and profitability

We place the highest value on safe, professional, ethical and responsible corporate governance. We do not tolerate any form of corruption, comply with competition laws, protect human rights and always operate in a transparent manner.
Economic growth and profitability are essential for the development of our company. We ensure this through the continuous, sustainable and flexible development of our innovative product range.

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Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

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