Humidity transmitters


What types of humidity sensors are available and where are they used?

Humidity sensors / transmitters have a wide range of applications: They are used, for example, as surface-mounted or flush-mounted devices to monitor the humidity of indoor spaces. But they are also used outdoors – often in combination with temperature sensors.
As a pendulum or built-in humidity sensor, the transmitter also monitors high rooms without any problems and is installed, for example, in greenhouses, galleries, museums or in false ceilings.
Duct humidity sensors are intended for the exact detection of air humidity (and temperature) in air ducts or fans, e.g. in refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation or clean room technology.

What are the advantages of combined temperature and humidity units?

The interaction of temperature and humidity has a double effect on our well-being:
On the one hand, high indoor humidity carries the risk of mould growth. Especially in cold rooms, such as factory halls, warehouses or cellars, the humidity condenses on the walls and thus promotes mould growth.
On the other hand, humidity affects our personal well-being, especially in summer temperatures: if the moisture is high, there is rapidly a greenhouse effect, people feel uncomfortable. If the indoor air humidity is too low, however, health consequences can soon arise, as mucous membranes and respiratory tracts suffer as a result.
It is therefore worthwhile to keep an eye on both factors at all times. Sensors for measuring temperature and humidity from S+S help you to do this. Take a look at our humidity sensors / moisture detectors.

What values/characteristics does a room control unit for humidity and temperature record? ?

A room temperature sensor / humidity sonsor measures the relative humidity and the temperature of the indoor air. The humidity sensor calculates various values from these measured variables. For example, the following parameters can be queried via the Modbus interface: relative humidity [% r.h.], absolute humidity [g/m³], mixing ratio [g/kg], dew point temperature [°C], enthalpy [kJ/kg] and room temperature [°C].

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