Felt with Precision Rather Than Mere Intuition

Precise and Realiable Pressure Sensors from S+S

With Piezo-Resistive Sensor Technology

Whether in absolute or relative, differential, atmospheric or vacuum
pressure environments – our PREMASGARD pressure transducers and
PREMASREG pressure controllers can handle any kind of pressure. Their high-precision piezo-resistive sensors ensure reliable performance in gaseous and liquid media from 25 pascals (Pa) to 300 bar.

Application areas

Process, plant and mechanical engineering, medical and cleanroom engineering, large catering facilities, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), pump control and pressure lines, filter monitoring and air pressure deficiency protection, rotational speed and limiting value control


  • Extremely rugged and easy to install
  • Patented S+S design
  • Factory certificate for higher demands
  • Active and switching versions
  • Interconnective Modbus and EtherCAT P devices
  • Optionally with M12 connector
  • Optionally with automatic zero-point calibration (standard on micro-pressure transducers)
Compact and Cost-Effective

Pressure Sensors Series 212x-SD

Precision from ±25 to ±5000 Pascal

Pressure Sensors Series 711x

Pressure Measuring Transducers

Pressure, Differential Pressure
& Volume Flow Measuring Devices
Series 211x ⁄ 212x ⁄ 212x-SD

We have extended the functionality of our compact pressure, differential pressure and volume flow measuring devices:
  • Output signal (U/I) switchable
  • Multi-range switching up to
    –5000…+5000 Pa
  • Square root output characteristic for volume flow determination


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