Pressure Sensors, Pressure Controllers & Pressure Switches


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Whether absolute or relative, whether overpressure, differential pressure or negative pressure:
With our patented PREMASGARD® pressure sensors and PREMASREG® pressure controllers or switches, you are well positioned in all aspects of pressure measurement.
The high precision of the piezoresistive sensors ensures reliable performance in gaseous and liquid media from 25 Pascal (Pa) to 300 bar.

Our robust and easy-to-install pressure sensors are available in active and switching versions. The sensors are used in process technology, in plant and mechanical engineering, in medical technology and in industrial kitchens. They are also used in heating, air conditioning, ventilation and clean room technology, for filter monitoring and air pressure deficiency protection as well as for speed and limit value control.

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Air pressure sensors & absolute pressure gauges

Our pressure sensors for gaseous media support you in monitoring and measuring relative, absolute and differential pressures at ventilation or air conditioning ducts as well as in measuring atmospheric air pressure or volume flow to ensure the desired flow velocity in the duct.

Our top products from air pressure sensors

Water pressure sensors

Our pressure transmitters for liquid media are used for the measurement of differential pressure, relative pressure or e.g. for level measurement in water pipes, storage tanks or heating systems. These sensors are used in hydraulics, pneumatics and process technology as well as in mechanical and plant engineering and building automation.

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Our top products from water pressure sensors

Our versatile product accessories complete the range and enable you to use our sensor devices easily and immediately.
The accessories range from mounting and protection devices to the choice of connection and screw connection material.

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