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Rymaskon Room controll unit


Are you looking for a solution for your individual room control? Our Rymaskon® series is used to control temperature, fans, sun shading and lighting, including dimming function. Building automation with Rymaskon® is versatile and smart. Thanks to intelligent Modbus or wireless Modbus communication, the devices can also be seamlessly integrated into existing building management systems.

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BIM/CAD-Daten herunterladen


S+S offers qualified CAD data for all devices, which you can download easily, quickly and free of charge from the download area of our website and on every data sheet page and integrate into your BIM system. For modern, sustainable and cost-saving building design!

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Dual pressure sensor 722


Our PREMASGARD® 722x dual pressure sensor is used to measure pressure, differential pressure and volume flow in air filter systems. It is used in clean room or medical technology, in ventilation and air conditioning ducts or in commercial kitchens in order to be able to intervene quickly in the event of anomalies or contamination. Always keep an eye on the trouble-free operation and optimum air quality of your ventilation system!

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Wireless Feldbus-Lösungen


Would you like to determine the volume flow of your systems precisely, simply and reliably? Use a standard measuring device (e.g. folding rule) to determine the cross-section of your duct. Enter this value into our RHEASGARD® flow monitor and mount it on the duct as usual to measure the flow velocity. The device simply and automatically determines the current volume flow.

More information about our RHEASGARD® flow monitors

Präzise Luftstromsensorik mit KLSW


W-Modbus makes it easier to set up intelligent building automation through reliable and secure wireless communication. The radio-based further development of the proven Modbus standard scores with cost savings, increased flexibility and reduced installation and maintenance costs.

More information about W-Modbus

Präzise Luftstromsensorik mit KLSW


Good, pollutant-free indoor air is essential for our well-being and health. Constant monitoring is required to ensure good air quality.
With our RHEASREG® and RHEASGARD® air flow sensors for measuring flow velocities, temperature and volume flow, you are opting for the highest quality, reliability, improved energy efficiency and sustainability. 

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Christmas greetings


Bringing joy to others. This is also the meaning of Christmas for us at S+S. This year, we have once again decided to forego Christmas presents for our customers and business partners and instead support regional projects.

For example, we have decided to sponsor the regional sports club TV21 Büchenbach. The children in the athletics department are now looking forward to new training shirts.
We also support the children's aid project "Sternstunden e.V." organised by Bayerischer Rundfunk. 

We would like to thank you for the good and trusting cooperation during this challenging time and will of course be at your side again next year as a strong supplier and partner.

showcase sensor


Humidity and temperature sensor for installation in ceilings, display cabinets or showcases

The calibratable HYGRASGARD® VFF/VFTF cabinet sensor measures the relative humidity and temperature of the air and is available with or without a display. The measured values are converted into a 0-10V or 4...20 mA standard signal. The measuring element is located in a stainless steel probe and is barely visible thanks to its low height of approx. 2.5 mm.
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Maintenance-free duct sensor for determination of the CO2 content

Our AERASGARD® KCO2-W duct CO2 sensor monitors the CO2 content of your ventilation or exhaust air systems, air conditioning equipment and heating systems. The reason: too much CO2 in the room air can lead to health problems, a drop in performance and increased infection. Yet it is so easy to prevent this...
More information about this product! 



Comprehensive room air monitoring with just one unit: AERASGARD® RFTM-PS-CO2-W

Sometimes less is simply more? We think so too! That's why we have developed a multifunctional room sensor that effectively monitors and controls the entire room climate.
With just one device, you always have humidity, temperature, fine dust and CO2 content of the ambient air in view.
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EtherCAT P


Real-time communication with EtherCAT P

Industrial automation requires fast and consistent solutions for real-time communication. With our bus-capable transmitters for connection to EtherCAT P, you can also meet these increased demands in the field of sensor technology. 
Our EtherCAT P sensors are used in plant and building automation, in the central energy management of public and private facilities as well as for the acquisition and control of temperature, humidity and pressure parameters in hard-to-reach areas.
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S+S Regeltechnik


Industrial sensors in robust stainless steel housing

Do you need really robust sensors for industrial use? Your application does not offer a comfortable temperature, no humidity protection, but high UV exposure or dusty air? No problem! Whether pressure, temperature or humidity sensors: S+S Regeltechnik offers you sensor devices with corrosion-, temperature-, UV- and weather-resistant stainless steel covers for every area of application.
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S+S Regeltechnik


S+S Summer Party 2023

We don't let the little bit of rain get us down....
Our summer party this year was a complete success! 
Good conversations, a fabulous barbecue buffet, super colleagues. Many thanks for that!

S+S Regeltechnik


Always keep an eye on humidity and temperature

Sensitive technical rooms, clean room technology, ventilation systems... In all these facilities, explicit attention must be paid to a balanced room climate in order to protect the goods produced or stored in them from contamination or germs.
The calibratable HYGRASGARD® AFF / AFTF surface-mounted humidity and temperature sensor measures the relative humidity and the temperature of the ambient air and converts the measured variables into a standard signal of 0-10 V or 4..20 mA.
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S+S Regeltechnik


Sustainability and better energy efficiency: RHEASREG® and RHEASGARD® airflow monitors

To ensure sustainable and efficient ventilation, precise and reliable flow sensor technology is required. Our new, comprehensive product portfolio of airflow monitors enables professional monitoring and control of flow velocities and volumetric flow in the duct, on fans, control dampers, humidifiers and electric heating coils.
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Room climate sensor RCO2-AS


Really good air - thanks to AERASGARD® RCO2-AS room climate sensor

Our AERASGARD® RCO2-AS indoor climate sensor is available as a surface-mounted or table-top device and reliably informs you about the quality of your indoor air thanks to its intuitive traffic light system and optional warning tone. In addition to increasing your well-being, the device contributes significantly to reducing your operating costs - thanks to energy-saving and demand-oriented room ventilation.
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temperature measuring transducer TM65-Modbus


Duct sensor for detecting the temperature 

Professional temperature monitoring in ducts requires precise and reliable sensor technology. The THERMASGARD® TM65-Modbus-T3 duct sensor is used to detect temperatures in liquid or gaseous media. In doing so, the transmitter processes temperatures from -50 to +150°C. The innovative Modbus interface enables easy integration into existing building automation.
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Portrait Geschäftsleitung S+S Regeltechnik


Surface-mounted sensor for a positive and sustainable indoor climate 

You would like to reduce your operating costs - but still offer your guests and employees a positive and healthy indoor climate? Our surface-mounted sensor AERASGARD® AFTM-LQ-CO2-Modbus enables energy-saving, demand-oriented room ventilation and thus a reduction in running costs. For this purpose, the transmitter records all relevant measured variables: Humidity, temperature, CO2 concentration and air quality (VOC)
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Portrait Geschäftsleitung S+S Regeltechnik


Advantages for employees at S+S

At S+S, people come first. We want to achieve that everyone feels good and we work daily to further strengthen this goal. Our latest successes are impressive: Whether it's a varied, freshly cooked and free lunch, bicycle leasing via Business Bike or a refreshing drink at the start of the barbecue season - we offer our employees more!
And that is not all: View all employee benefits here

Portrait Geschäftsleitung S+S Regeltechnik


Room Air Monitoring with the Multi-Sensor Modbus AMS

You want to monitor the air quality of a room comprehensively and in detail, taking into account a variety of factors such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2, CO, VOC and/or fine dust content - but you don't want to use several separate sensor devices?
With the Multi-Sensor Modbus AMS from S+S, you get an agile, compact multifunctional device. The multi-sensor is available in six different variants that cover the entire spectrum of all common measured variables in different constellations. 
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KLGF-Modbus / KLGFVT-Modbus


Temperature transmitter for industrial applications: THERMASGARD® TM 54

Do you operate industrial plants and want to monitor the flow temperature of your pipelines safely and reliably? Our THERMASGARD® TM 54 temperature transmitter with eight switchable measuring ranges and continuous output is suitable for use in harsh environments such as in machine, apparatus and plant construction, in heating technology, in district heating compact stations, hot and cold water systems and oil/lubrication circuit installations.
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KLGF-Modbus / KLGFVT-Modbus


Duct air flow monitor with Modbus. For monitoring flow velocity, volume flow and temperature.

Our air flow monitor RHEASGARD® KLGF-Modbus detects non-aggressive, gaseous flows in the duct and can monitor flow velocity from 0.1 to 20 m/s. The RHEASGARD® KLGFVT-Modbus version also detects the volume flow (0 to 200,000 m³/h) as well as the temperature (0 to +50°C). The sensor is optionally supplied with or without display and converts the measuring signal into a Modbus signal.
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Portrait Geschäftsleitung S+S Regeltechnik


Linearised Duct Airflow Monitors: RHEASREG® KLGF and KLSW

Professional monitoring and control of air ducts, fans, control dampers, humidifiers and electric heating coils requires precise flow sensor technology. Our new generation of air flow monitors is reliably at your side. 
The product families RHEASGARD® KLGF (with active output) and RHEASREG® KLSW (with switching output) determine the flow velocity from 0.1...20 m/s with high response speed. They are available with or without display, have a linearized output and are also suitable for integration into DDC systems.

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Raumtemperatur-Messumformer RTM1-Modbus


Room temperature transducer with Modbus connection

You want to measure your room temperature safely and reliably? Whether residential or office rooms, hotels, conference centres or educational institutions - our room temperature transmitter THERMASGARD® RTM1 is guaranteed to bring a feel-good atmosphere to any room.
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Portrait Geschäftsleitung S+S Regeltechnik


HYGRASGARD® KFTF duct humidity and temperature sensor with Modbus connection

Particularly in ventilation, refrigeration, air-conditioning and clean-room technology, as well as in sensitive technical rooms, explicit attention must be paid to a balanced room climate in order to protect the goods produced in them from contamination or germs. The HYGRASGARD® KFTF duct humidity and temperature sensor with Modbus connection measures the relative humidity and temperature of the ambient air and calculates various parameters internally from these measured variables.
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Portrait Geschäftsleitung S+S Regeltechnik


Digital humidity & temperature room sensor HYGRASGARD® RFTF with Modbus connection

With the calibratable HYGRASGARD® RFTF room sensor with Modbus connection, you always have your room air in view - for the optimum feel-good climate. The sensor measures the relative humidity and the temperature of your room. Various parameters are calculated internally from these measured variables. Whether in living or working rooms, canteen kitchens, hotel lobbies, warehouses or in the medical sector - with the digital room sensor you give unpleasant air no chance.
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Donation instead of presents!


Donation instead of presents!  

Due to the diffucult situation of many people, we have decided not to send Christmas presents to our customers and business partners. Instead, we support local aid organisations for people in need: 

"Freude für Alle" (Joy for All) – a Christmas campaign of the Nürnberger Nachrichten
For 50 years now, the campaign has been supporting people who are socially marginalised and in need - whether due to illness, a disability, unemployment, due to low pension entitlements or for other reasons. A major focus is on children, who suffer particularly from poverty.

"Tafel Nürnberger Land e.V." – Food donations for people in need  
According to the motto "everyone gives what they can", more than 100 small and large companies are involved in the Tafel Nürnberger Land. They collect "surplus", but qualitatively impeccable, saleable food. Direct and uncomplicated help for people who are on the edge of the subsistence level. 

Portrait Geschäftsleitung S+S Regeltechnik


NEW: CO2 pendulum sensor AERASGARD® RPCO2

Your application requires precise monitoring of the CO2 content? Especially in medical technology, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology or even in large greenhouses, constant monitoring of the air quality is indispensable. 

For these applications, we offer a safe, innovative and reliable solution in the form of our AERASGARD® RPCO2 with remote CO2 pendulum sensor. The sensor is available in four configurations: with/without changeover contact as alarm output and in both versions with/without display (LCD). The device is made in Germany and available for immediate delivery. 
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Portrait Geschäftsleitung S+S Regeltechnik


S+S Regeltechnik has expanded the pressure measuring ranges of its PREMASGARD® transmitters for gaseous and liquid media

S+S Regeltechnik, a European leader in smart sensor technology for facility and plant engineering, has innovated the family of its proven PREMASGARD® SHD pressure measuring transducers. In the SHD/SHD-SD product range, the transmitters are now available for relative pressures up to 40 bar. The measuring ranges of the PREMASGARD® SHD 692 differential pressure transmitter have been expanded to 10 bar.

Portrait Geschäftsleitung Schulze
Portrait Geschäftsleitung Linke


S+S Regeltechnik GmbH acquires Consens GmbH

Consens is a developer of sensors, components, testing technology and systems for humidity, temperature and air quality. The company was founded in 1998 and has 13 employees with its headquarter and production in Thüringen, Germany.