EtherCAT P


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Industrial automation requires fast and consistent solutions for real-time communication from the control level to the field level. With our bus-capable transmitters for connection to EtherCAT P, you can also meet these increased demands in the area of sensor technology.

Our EtherCAT P probes are used in plant and building automation, in the central energy management of public and private facilities, and for the acquisition and control of temperature, humidity and pressure parameters in hard-to-reach areas.

three EtherCAT P sensors on dark gray background. Top right the symbol for the EtherCAT P area.

Ethercat P capable measuring devices

EtherCAT P is an ultra-fast industrial bus based on Ethernet. The 'P' stands for Power and opens up an effort-saving single cable solution for data and power. Learn more about our EtherCAT P products.

Our top products from EtherCAT P sensors

Our versatile product accessories complete the range and allow you to use our sensor devices easily and immediately.
Moisture meter accessories range from mounting and protection devices to the choice of measuring head.

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