Light intensity sensors & motion sensors


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PHOTASGARD® brightness sensors and KINASGARD® motion or presence detectors are the ideal partners for energy savings and safety. With our motion and light sensors, the costs for lighting, shading, heating and cooling remain in the green zone. In addition, our solutions are also ideally suited for presence detection in security zones.

The multifunctional devices offer switchable measuring ranges and a wide range of applications: from heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting technology, shading and sun protection, to access control, protection and safety zones, in greenhouses, parking lots, corridors or courtyards.

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Light intensity sensors

Our PHOTASGARD® brightness sensors / brightness sensors have been specially adapted to eye sensitivity - their greatest sensitivity is in the range from 350 to 820 nm. Thanks to a special filter, the sensors are thus suitable for measuring the illuminance of daylight and/or artificial light. Brightness sensors do not measure motion. Exclusively our combination sensors combine brightness measurement and presence measurement.

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Motion sensors

KINASGARD® presence detectors register even very small movements at a distance of 10 meters - thanks to the patented lens system as well as an infrared sensor of the high-end variant. The devices have an aperture angle of 110° and 360° circumference and detect changes in the infrared radiation of objects.

Three presence detectors on a dark gray background. At the top right the icon for the brightness and motion area

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