Humidity transmitters & hygrostats


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Our moisture meters, divided into the HYGRASGARD® moisture sensor and HYGRASREG® moisture controller product lines are guaranteed not to let you down when it comes to preventing mold and rust. They are multifunctionally designed and produced in Germany under the highest quality standards.

Calibration and adjustment are performed via a bus system in climatic chambers. Thanks to microprocessor technology, almost any measuring range can be represented, including all customer-specific specifications. Our DIP switches provide standard multi-range switching in our moisture meters.

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Humidity transmitter

Our HYGRASGARD® humidity sensors for indoor, outdoor and duct applications measure the relative humidity as well as the temperature of the ambient air. From these measured variables, the sensor device calculates various values: relative humidity [% r.h.], absolute humidity [g/m³], mixing ratio [g/kg], dew point temperature [°C], enthalpy [kJ/kg] and room temperature [°C].

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Dew point & condensation monitor
Leakage detector

HYGRASREG® leakage sensors are used for early detection and location of moisture sources. Mounted in close proximity to piping, the moisture detector can protect against water damage and equipment failure. HYGRASGARD® and HYGRASREG® dew point monitors measure the humidity and temperature in interaction with the ambient air directly at the pipe. In this way, dew formation on the monitored object can be completely prevented.

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Our reliable and versatile HYGRASREG® hygrostats control and monitor the relative humidity and/or temperature of a room and control downstream humidification/dehumidification equipment or cooling or heating systems. The surface-mounted and duct hygrostats are IP65-compliant, room hygrostats achieve protection class IP30.

Our top products from hygrostats

Our versatile product accessories complete the range and allow you to use our sensor devices easily and immediately.
Moisture meter accessories range from mounting and protection devices to the choice of measuring head.

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