Fan coil thermostats - Rymaskon Controller

The controller variants also have integrated controllers that control all common actuators, damper drives or fan coils directly via the outputs and can therefore be used as stand-alone devices.
All values are made available to the building management system (BMS) via the Modbus or W-Modbus interface. If necessary, the BMS can intervene at short notice during operation and adjust parameters or prevent manual operation by the user by blocking individual functions.

Highlights Controller:

  • Stand-alone controller
  • 24V or 230V power supply
  • Outputs for controlling actuators, damper actuators, fan coils, etc.
  • AO - 0...10V | DO - 24V (floating) | RO - 230V (floating)
  • 2 inputs for an NTC10K, floating or floating 230V contact
  • Modbus / W-Modbus (wireless) for recording room values and for higher-level monitoring/control
  • Temperature adjustment | fan adjustment | sun shading control | lighting control
  • Internal sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2 and VOC
  • Free and user-friendly software for configuration (via USB-C)
  • Installation directly on the wall or on a flush-mounted box


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