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Automated control technology: temperature, humidity and pressure sensors


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Dual pressure sensor Premasgard 722x
CO2 sensors for schools, offices and waiting rooms
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CO2 Traffic Light with Acoustic Warning

fine dust sensors also as combined sensors

Against Fine Dust (PM)
Particulate Matter Sensor Devices

S+S Measuring devices in focus

Rymaskon 200, 400, 500, 600 & 700


RYMASKON 200, 400, 500, 600 & 700 room controllers in white or black
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Premasgard 211x/212x

PREMASGARD 211x / 212x

Compact and cost-effective pressure transducers
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Pleuroform tube


Multi-chamber channel pipe for CO2
and VOC (mixed gases) detection
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Sensors in stainless steel housing


Rugged on-wall and duct sensor devices for demanding requirements
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PowerIO devices and connections

Facility Automation 4.0

The powerIO® system enables a more efficient control, better monitoring and safer operational management than previous, conventional systems. And all of this independent of control system suppliers. The installation system offers high compatibility with all sensors and actuators from leading manufacturers, and can be extended to support all common protocols. Its basic design uses three modular component families.


On the Growth Track with Innovative Measuring and Control Technology
20 Years of S+S Regeltechnik

Intelligent Sensor Solutions for Megatrends

The rising demand for smart sensors and controllers in facility and plant engineering is characterised by three strong trends, amongst ohers: interconnectivity, room air control, and digitalisation. Our current innovations in measuring and control technology are addressing these developments – with devices for cabinet-free automation using the fast EtherCAT P industrial bus, with particulate matter sensors for measuring and minimising respirable aerosols, and with product data records for intelligent Building Information Modeling (BIM).

S+S Regeltechnik in New Giga-Factory

At the turn of the year 2020/21 and two decades after the foundation of S+S, we have commissioned our new giga-factory in the north of Nuremberg, Bavaria. And we are determined to establish ourselves at the very top of the market for high-quality sensor technology ‘made in Germany’. The new plant has been custom-designed to support our vertical integration, which builds on lean structures, short response times and swift order processing. The manufacturing and development facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Underfloor heating and full air conditioning ensure a pleasant working climate. After completion of the first construction phase with a 4000 m² large production hall and 2000 m² of office space, the second construction phase is already underway to add another 2600 m².

Extended Product Portfolio

Next to our traditional offering of sensor devices for temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality & flow, light intensity & motion, we also focus on further extending our portfolio of radio sensors and interconnective devices for facility and plant automation. Latest highlights include a flexible installation system for efficient control, monitoring and operational management of facility automation, compatible with all actuators and sensors of leading manufacturers.

Exceptional Services

This is complemented by extended service capacities, from a comprehensive webshop for direct online ordering of all catalogue items to detailed device data for BIM processes.

Added Value Benefits:

  • Shipment of catalogue items in stock within 24 hours
  • Tested and certified quality ‘made in Germany’, backed by a 5-years warranty
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • High uptime and investment safety
  • Integrated product landscape for efficient overall system costs
  • Individual product versions according to customer specifications upon request