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Wireless Modbus replaces conventional RTU cable

Banner 5 W-Modbus wireless Modbus Sensoren die mit gestrichelten Linien verbunden sind, um eine wireless verbindung darzustellen.

W-Modbus is a radio-based advancement of the proven Modbus standard. Within the wireless Modbus RTU network, wired products can be easily replaced by wireless devices. The standardised Modbus protocol is retained and the signals are transmitted with low latency.

W-Modbus makes it easier to set up intelligent building automation thanks to reliable and secure wireless communication. The new technology scores highly in terms of cost savings, increased flexibility and reduced installation and maintenance costs. Thanks to mesh topology, up to 100 devices can be assigned to a W-Modbus gateway.

W-Modbus Highlights

Wireless RTU architecture

For intelligent HVAC and building automation

Reduces costs and time

For wiring, installation planning, troubleshooting

Long range

Up to 500 m by sending and forwarding data points

Quick installation

Thanks to simple installation and immediate commissioning

100 devices in one mesh

Extensive mesh topology with up to 100 devices 

Ideal for retrofitting

For quick and easy refurbishment / retrofitting 

Low latency

Signals are transmitted reliably with low latency

Many standard languages

For menu control (DE, EN, FR, ES, IT, RU, others on request)


W-Modbus uses the licence-free ISM band at 2.4 GHz

What advantages does W-Modbus offer?

  • No inconvenient laying of control cables
  • Simple bridging of fire protection elements, etc.
  • Time and cost savings
  • Flexible replacement or expansion
  • Simple integration into an existing network
  • Quick and easy troubleshooting
  • Radio range of up to 500m (50-70m indoors with partition walls)
  • Individual settings possible for each device
Visualisation of a house cross-section with various W-Modbus sensors and the gateway at the bottom of the basement.

What is Modbus?

Modbus is a communication protocol that can be used to exchange data between a master and several slaves. The protocol was developed by Gould-Modicon in 1979 to enable programmable logic controllers to communicate with each other. Instead of complex, star-shaped wiring, the Modbus protocol enables a simpler and more resource-efficient installation.

What is W-Modbus?

W-Modbus is a radio-based advancement development of the proven Modbus standard for the wireless connection of Modbus-capable sensors, controllers and devices. W-Modbus devices communicate via a wireless radio link from LumenRadio - independently of the in-house Wi-Fi and without leaving the proven protocol standards. Thanks to the reliable and interference-resistant wireless network, entire buildings can be networked and the majority of Modbus RTU cables can be replaced.

visualisation can be used and installed like a W-Modbus gateway.

How is a W-Modbus network built?

A W-Modbus network consists of a W-Modbus gateway that is connected to the Modbus client via an RS485 cable and to up to 100 W-Modbus devices wirelessly.
Thanks to the wireless connection, individual elements can be easily replaced, added or removed within a few minutes. This makes Wireless Modbus a cost- and time-saving communication protocol.

Visualisation of how a W-Modbus gateway can be installed in the current Modbus circuit.

Can I combine an existing network with W-Modbus?

Switching from wired connections to wireless communication offers considerable advantages. It is possible to combine existing networks with new wireless networks - without affecting the existing infrastructure. Even older wired devices such as sensors can be integrated into a wireless network.

All that is required is the installation of an additional W-Modbus gateway, which forwards the wired communication to the wireless network by radio. Depending on the environmental conditions, the basic gateway is suitable for connecting one Modbus sensor and the Pro gateway for connecting up to 16 sensors. 

In this way, a new future-proof network can be set up quickly and easily, offering greater flexibility and considerable cost savings during installation and operation.

Eliminating errors in the network - is that possible?

Thanks to the wireless connections, any troubleshooting is extremely simple. Instead of searching for faulty cables and devices in the system as before, fault analysis is now limited to checking the devices. Device variants with a display are particularly user-friendly: in the event of a fault (e.g. communication interrupted), the display shows a plain text diagnostic message. This means that the current status of the device can be found out immediately. This saves an enormous amount of time and money.

Is communication in the network encrypted?

Yes, all communication in the W-Modbus network is encrypted with AES128.

How are W-Modbus devices supplied with power?

To put a Wireless Modbus device into operation, connect it to the power supply of your premises. Battery operation is not intended, as the devices must be reliably and permanently supplied with power to ensure trouble-free operation.

Outdoor temperature sensor with W-Modbus connection and logo

Wireless outdoor temperature sensor

Is the integration of W-Modbus not expensive?

No! Our devices have a surcharge of about 40 USD for the W-Modbus module. This is a small amount compared to the benefits of a wireless installation.
In addition, the installation does not necessarily have to be carried out by specialised personnel, as only the power supply needs to be ensured. The configuration is then carried out via the wireless connection of the W-Modbus.

Outdoor temperature sensor with W-Modbus Price comparison

Wireless duct humidity sensor

Can I buy W-Modbus sensors from S+S Regeltechnik?

Yes, S+S Regeltechnik GmbH has recognised the advantages of this new communication standard and now offers all Modbus devices as a wireless Modbus version.
Our measuring devices provide reliable and accurate measurement data, enabling precise control and optimisation. Get an overview of our new W-Modbus product range now. Whether you need transmitters for building automation, HVAC or process technology, we have the right product for you.

Benefit from our cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. We offer you all items relating to sensors and field devices from a single source, because we know how important competitive pricing is. Our range goes beyond the standard portfolio and is therefore the perfect choice.

By the way: W-Modbus products from S+S are also compatible with products from other manufacturers. Existing networks can therefore be easily expanded or replaced with our devices.

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