Pressure measuring transducer PREMASGARD® SHD 692

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Product group: WG02
Pressure measuring transducer PREMASGARD® SHD 692
The PREMASGARD® SHD-692 pressure / differential pressure transmitter servesto measure pressures in gaseous and liquid media. It converts the measurand into standard signals of 0-10 V or 4...20mA. Process connection is 2x G⅛"-27 NPT internal thread.
The SHD-692 differential pressure measuring transducer is used in piping and hydraulic systems, in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in facility automation.
Not suitable for ammonia and freon!
Technical details
Response time
< 5 ms
Measuring principle
ceramic measuring cell
Media temperature
–15...+80 °C
Pressure connection
screw pipe connection for 6 mm pipe
(G ⅛ " - 27 NPT internal thread)
Type of pressure
differential pressure
0.5 %
Total error
< 1.3 %
System pressure
máx. 25 bar (P1 + P2)
Bursting pressure
1.5 x system pressure
liquid or gaseous
Insulating resistance
100 MΩ,
at +20 °C (500V DC)
Electrical connection
0.25 - 1.5 mm², via plug-in connector DIN EN 175301-803-A
stainless steel 1.4305
Connecting head
angle plug connector DIN EN 175301- 803 - A
installation arbitrary
Bursting pressure
1.5 x Systemdruck
Medium contacting parts
INOX 1.4305, ceramics, sealing material EPDM
Protection class
III (according to EN 60 730)
Protection type
IP 65 (according to EN 60 529) with receptacle mounted
CE conformity,
electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 61326,
according to EMC Directive 2014/ 30/ EU
Display module, made of plastic, polyamide material,
black colour, extra height: approx. 73 mm, pluggable,
factory-calibrated and configured,
for displaying the differential pressure
Pressure port
Rohrverschraubung für 6 mm -Rohr
(G1/8 " - 27 NPT Innengewinde)
0,5 %
Total error
< 1,3 %
System pressure
max. 2 bar (P1 + P2)
Connecting head
Winkelstecker, DIN EN 175301 - 803 -A
Medium contacting parts
INOX 1.4305, Keramik, Dichtmaterial EPDM