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Multi-Functional Sensor Technology for Hot & Cold Environments

Active & Passive Temperature Sensors, Transducers & Thermostats

Our Temperature Measuring Devices and Controllers

THERMASGARD® temperature sensors as well as THERMASREG® temperature controllers and thermostats from S+S stand for reliable quality ‘made in Germany’ and have been proven in a myriad of applications across all fields of temperature measuring. They are available in a wide range of different versions, from simple thermosensors to interconnective digital devices and room controllers. Moreover, we also manufacture them in customised variants to your specific requirements.

Application Areas

Hospitals, museums, schools, hotels, power plants and district heating facilities, administrative buildings, pharmaceutical and food industry, production plants, heating systems


  • Patented design
  • High operating convenience
  • Wide range of outdoor and indoor devices
  • Passive, active and switching variants
  • Interconnective Modbus and EtherCAT P versions
Compact & Cost-Effective

Immersion ⁄ Screw-In ⁄ Duct Sensors

Rugged & Weathering Resistant

On-Wall Sensors in Stainless Steel Housing


Versatile Product Family:
Duct Temperature Sensors

The comprehensive range of our duct temperature sensors includes resistance thermometers (Pt100, Pt1000 and further passive types), active transducers (I/U) ias well as feldbus capable devices (Modbus, EtherCAT P).

In combination with our dedicated accessory, THERMASGARD® duct sensors can also be used as immersion or screw-in sensors. They are available in many configurations and installation lengths.
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Heat resistant temperature sensors

Immersion ⁄ Screw-In ⁄ Duct Sensors
Cascadable Frost Monitor

2-Phase Frost Protection Thermostat