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Immersion ⁄ Screw-In ⁄ Duct Sensors

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Versatile Product Family:
Duct Temperature Sensors

The comprehensive range of our duct temperature sensors includes resistance thermometers (Pt100, Pt1000 and further passive types), active transducers (I/U) ias well as feldbus capable devices (Modbus, EtherCAT P).

In combination with our dedicated accessory, THERMASGARD® duct sensors can also be used as immersion or screw-in sensors. They are available in many configurations and installation lengths.
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Heat resistant temperature sensors

Immersion ⁄ Screw-In ⁄ Duct Sensors
Cascadable Frost Monitor

2-Phase Frost Protection Thermostat


Our temperature measuring devices and controllers

THERMASGARD® temperature measuring devices as well as THERMASREG® temperature controllers and thermostats from S+S stand for reliable German quality and have been proven a hundred of thousand times in all applications of temperature measuring technology. They are available in a wide variety of designs, from simple thermocouples to interconnective digital devices, from room operating controllers to customised versions manufactured to your specific requirements.


THERMASGARD® & THERMASREG® application areas

Medical centres, museums, schools, hotels, power plants, administration buildings, district heating facilities, pharmaceutical and food industry, manufacturing plants and heating systems.

Your benefits with temperature measuring devices & temperature controllers made by S+S Regeltechnik

  • Patented design
  • High operating convenience
  • From outdoor to room devices
  • Passive, active and switching versions
  • Interconnective Modbus und EtherCAT P devices

Versatile product family:

Duct temperature measuring devices

The range of our duct temperature measuring devices includes resistance thermometers (Pt100, Pt1000 and further passive sensors), active temperature transmitters (I/U) and interconnective temperature transducers (Modbus, EtherCAT P). In combination with dedicated accessory, they can also be used as immersion or screw-in devices. They are available in many versions and installation lengths.

What is temperature measuring technology?

Temperature measuring technology deals with determining the temperatures of solid, liquid and gaseous substances. The suitable temperature measuring device, temperature controller or other temperature measuring solutions depend on the substance and application area. S+S Regeltechnik provides rugged and precise products for use in any industry.


Which kinds of temperature sensor devices are there?

The job of a temperature sensor device is to measure heat. This ensures that a process runs within a defined temperature range. Temperature sensor devices are used in various different industrial as well as residential applications. There are two main categories: Temperature sensor devices with and without contact. As the designation suggests, the contacting kind has a sensor element with direct contact to the component or substance to be measured. Non-contacting sensors, in contrast, measure only the radiant heat of components or substances and are often used under hazardous operating conditions.

What does a temperature measuring device cost?

Prices differ with the technical features expected from the device, and those in turn depend on the specific application area of the product. The prices of temperature measuring devices from S+S Regeltechnik start at €20.00. We will be pleased to advise you in choosing the right sensor device and all further products in the field of temperature measuring technology.