Sleeve sensor / cable temperature sensor HTF50/HTF200
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Sleeve sensor / cable temperature sensor THERMASGARD® HTF50/HTF200

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Sleeve sensor / cable temperature sensor THERMASGARD®
The sleeve sensor/ cable sensor THERMASGARD® HTF is used to measure temperatures in liquid and gaseous media. It can be used as a duct sensor and - if installed in an immersion sleeve - as an immersion and screw-in sensor.
The sleeve length varies, depending on request, from 30...400 mm (standard is 50 mm respectively 200 mm), the cable length is arbitrary (standard is 1.5 m). Depending on application, with silicone, glass fibre, or PVC leads, for two-wire or four-wire connection. For direct, continuous use in liquids, please use our THE immersion sleeves (see type table).

Technical details

Process connection
using immersion sleeves THE or
mounting flange, plastic
(optionally in galvanised steel)
Insulating resistance
100 MΩ,
at +20 °C (500V DC)
Permissible air humidity
< 95 % RH, non-precipitating air
Protection class
III (according to EN 60 730)
4-wire connection
also with two sensors
extended measuring range limits, depending on connection leads
IP 68 (according to EN 60 529) - Perfect Sensor Protection
IP 54 (according to EN 60 529) - glass fibre
Cable material: PVC, Silicone, PTFE, glass fibre