EtherCAT P Sensors for Industrial Automation


Single-Cable Solution for Communication & Power

EtherCAT P Measuring Transducers for Realtime Communication

Industrial Fieldbus Capable Sensors from S+S

Industrial automation requires fast and integrated solutions for real-time communication from control to field level. With our interconnective EtherCAT P measuring transducers you can also meet these higher demands at sensor level.

Application Areas for EtherCAT P Interconnective Sensors

Industrial and commercial facility automation, central energy management in public and private facilities, including hospitals, administration centres, schools and museums, as well as acquisition and control of temperature, humidity and pressure parameters in areas with difficult access


  • Fast standard industrial bus
  • Efficient single-cable solution
  • Standardised M8 connector
  • Proven S+S sensor technology
  • S+S added value for configuration, display and data processing

Temperature Measuring Transducers as
On-Wall ⁄ Outside ⁄ Wet Room Devices

Pressure Measuring Transducers as
Differential Pressure ⁄ Volume Flow Sensors

Effective single-cable solution


EtherCAT P is an ultra-fast industrial bus based on Ethernet. The 'P' stands for Power and represents a cost-saving single-cable solution for data and power. The connection is made using coded M8 connectors.
S+S EtherCAT P sensors are specifically tailored to automation without the use of switch cabinets in industrial process and plant engineering. They can be cascaded and also include a Bluetooth module for wireless communication. They can be integrated into a central energy management system as well as into a networked temperature, humidity and pressure control system in areas that are difficult to access.


S+S added value

A device-specific ESI configuration file facilitates the connection to the higher-level PLC level. Apart from that, our EtherCAT P sensors offer typical S+S added value features. For example, the 7/14-segment and 40-dot matrix areas of the backlit display and the bar graph can be feely configured.
There are also extended setting options for measured value, filtering, sampling time, etc., a communication error counter, retrievable historical data and integrated determination of the maintenance interval for the EtherCAT P sensor. This puts these sensor devices at the top of their performance class.


Duct & Cable Sensors:
EtherCAT P Measuring Devices for
Temperature, Humidity & Pressure

Our temperature, humidity and pressure sensors for operation on the EtherCAT P bus are available in various different versions – optionally with or without display and bargraph for graphical indication of measured values. Device types include duct, immersion and screw-in sensors in combination with thermowells or assembly flanges (see accessory) as well as rod,
on-wall, cable, sleeve
and surface-contact sensors.

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Assured precision

All devices are developed, manufactured and tested according to the latest criteria. Take advantage of our experience, our development, manufacturing, and product know-how, and order these products directly from the manufacturer.


Broad spectrum

Our EtherCAT P systems are designed to be multi-functional. This reduces the diversity of types and expands their possible applications. Thanks to microprocessor technology, almost any measuring range can be represented, including customer specifications.

How our pressure sensors benefit you:

  • Fast standard industrial bus
  • Effective single-cable solution with Ethercat P
  • Standardised M8 connector
  • Proven S+S sensor technology
  • S+S added value for configuration, display and data processing