on-wall sensors for humidity, temperature and CO2 content AFTM-CO2/AFTM-LQ-CO2
temperature CO2
temperature Temperature
temperature Luftfeuchtigkeit
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Maintenance-free AERASGARD® AFTM - CO2 - W/ ASGARD® AFTM - LQ - CO2 - W on-wall air climate measuring transducer with active/switching output, automatic calibration (can be deactivated), in an impact resistant plastic housing with quick-locking screws, optionally with/without Display, for determining the CO2 content of the air (0...2000 ppm/0...5000 ppm), the air quality in three VOC sensitivity levels (low/ medium/high), the temperature (–35...+80 °C) as well as the relative air humidity (0…100% r.H.). The transmitter converts the measured values into a standard signal of 0-10 V or 4...20 mA (switchable).

The sensor device is used in offices, hotels, convention centres, apartments, shops, etc. for the purpose of evaluating the indoor climate. This enables energy-saving room ventilation on an as-needed basis, thereby reducing operating costs and improving well-being.

A long-term stable, digital humidity and temperature sensor guarantees precise measuring results.

The CO2 content is measured using an optical NDIR sensor (non-dispersive infra-red technology). The detection range is calibrated for standard applications such as the monitoring of residential and conference rooms.
The air quality is detected by a VOC sensor (mixed gas sensor for volatile organic substances). This sensor determines the load of contaminated gases in the room air, such as from cigarette smoke, body perspiration, exhaled breathing air, solvent vapours, emissions from building components, etc. Low, medium or high VOC sensitivity can be selected depending on the expected air contamination.