Fine dust particulate

Room humidity, temperature and PM sensor AERASGARD® RFTM-PS Modbus

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Product group: WG02
Room humidity, temperature and PM sensor AERASGARD® RFTM-PS Modbus
Multifunctional indoor climate sensor AERASGARD® RFTM-PS-Modbus
with Modbus connection, in an elegant plastic housing
with snap-on lid, base with 4-hole attachment, optionally with/ without display,
The room sensor is used to detect the measurands air humidity (0...100 % r.H.),
temperature (0...+50°C), air quality (0…100 % VOC), fine dust (PM) (0...1000 g/m)
and CO2 content (0...5000 ppm) as well as a room control unit (% setpoint).
Use just one device to monitor and control the entire indoor climate effectively. This enables
energy-saving room ventilation on an as-needed basis, thereby reducing operating costs and
improving well-being. It is used in offices, hotels, convention centres, apartments, shops, etc.
A long-term stable, digital humidity and temperature sensor guarantees exact measurement
results. The air quality is determined based on a (VOC) mixed gas sensor. The CO2 content
of the air is measured using an optical NDIR sensor (non-dispersive infra-red technology).
An optical particulate sensor precisely detects fine dust (PM) of the size category 0.3
to 10 micrometers. The sensor is factory-calibrated; an environmental precision adjustment
by an expert is possible.
Modbus sensor with galvanically separated RS485 Modbus interface, selectable bus
termination resistance, DIP switches for setting the bus parameters and bus address
in the currentless state, LEDs for telegram status display and two-line display
(illuminated; with customised programming in the 7-segment and dot-matrix range).
Technical details
Measuring accuracy (PM)
typically ± 10 g/m3 (± 10 % of measured value) at PM 2.5
typically ± 25 g/m3 (± 25 % of measured value) at PM 10
Measuring range (PM)
0... 50 g/m³ 0...100 g/m³ 0...300 g/m³ 0...500 g/m³
Particle size (PM)
PM 2,5 (0,3...2,5 m); PM 10 (0,3...10 m)
Voltage supply
24 V AC/ DC (± 10 %)
Power consumption
< 4.4 W/ 24 V DC typical; < 6.4 VA/ 24 V AC typical;
peak current 200 mA
Data points
temperature, relative humidity, fine dust (PM)
Operating range, humidity
0...95 % r. H. (without dew formation)
Deviation of humidity
typical ± 2 % r. H. (20…80 % r. H. ); at + 25 °C, otherwise ± 3 %
Operating range, temperature
0...+50 °C
Temperature deviation
typically ± 0.2 K at +25 °C
Service life
> 60 months (under normal load conditions)
depending on the type of loading and gas concentration
Ambient conditions
0...+50 °C
Warm up time
approx. 1 hour
Response time
< 2 minutes
Bus protocol
Modbus (RTU mode),
address range 0...247 selectable
Signal filtering
4 s / 32 s
Electrical connection
0.14 - 1.5 mm² via terminal screws
plastic, material ABS,
colour pure white (similar to RAL 9010)
98 x 98 x 33 mm (Baldur 2)
wall mounting or on in-wall flush box, Ø 55 mm,
base with 4 holes, for attachment to vertically or
horizontally installed in-wall flush boxes for rear cable entry,
with predetermined breaking point for cable entry
from top/ bottom in case of plain on-wall installation
Long-term stability
< 2 % in 15 years
Protection class
III (according to EN 60 730)
Protection type
IP 30 (according to EN 60 529)
CE conformity, electromagnetic compatibility
according to EN 61 326, EMC Directive 2014/ 30/ EU,
Low Voltage Directive 2014/ 35/ EU