Wireless room humidity and temperature radio sensor / transmitter RFTF2-FSE
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Wireless room humidity and temperature radio sensor / transmitter KYMASGARD® RFTF2-FSE

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Wireless room humidity and temperature radio sensor / transmitter KYMASGARD® RFTF2-FSE
The KYMASGARD® RTF 2 - FSE bzw. RFTF 2 - FSE room temperature transducer is a battery-less and maintenance-free radio transmitter. Power is generated by a solar cell that converts indoor room light into electric energy.
The wireless sensor device serves to detect room temperature or room humidity and transmits the measurands via radio frequency to radio actuators and radio signal receivers or gateways. If ambient light conditions are insufficient for power generation, the transmitter can also be operated with a lithium battery cell inserted into a provided holder. The device ID is marked on a label in the housing.

Technical details

Measuring range, humidity
0...100 % RH
Deviation of humidity
typically ± 3 % r.H. (30... 80 %) at +20 °C
Measuring range, temperature
0...+40 °C
Temperature deviation
typically ± 0.2 K at +25 °C
Energy generation by solar cell,
batteryless, maintenance-free (optionally battery-operated)
Radio technology
EnOcean protocol, modulation ASK, 868 MHz,
transmission power max. 10 mW, telegram type 4BS
Measurand acquisition
adjustable, every 1s/ 10 s/ 100 s
Transmission interval
adjustable, typically every 100 seconds,
or at any measuring value change,
status telegram approximately every 16 minutes
Range of coverage
indoors typically 30 - 100 m, outdoors up to 300 m
Ambient temperature
–5...+55 °C
Storage temperature
–25...+60 °C
plastic, material ABS,
colour pure white (similar to RAL 9010)
98 x 106 x 32 mm (Frija 2)
wall mounting or on in-wall flush box Ø 55 mm,
base with 4-hole for mounting on vertically
or horizontally installed in-wall flush boxes
Permissible air humidity
0…90 % r.H., non-precipitating air
Protection class
III (according to EN 60 730)
Protection type
IP 30 (according to EN 60 529)
CE conformity according to EMC directive 2014/ 30/ EU
and according to R&TTE directive 2014/ 53/ EU