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Maintenance-Free EnOcean Radio Devices

Our Wireless Measuring Devices & Sensors

KYMASGARD, the smart EnOcean capable variants in our portfolio of sensor devices, can help you achieve significant savings. Without additional power supply and at minimum wiring needs, they provide significant cost savings even at installation level.  KYMASGARD combines appealing aesthetics with a host of application possibilities. A thoroughly smart solution!

Application Areas for Wireless Measuring Technology

Reconstruction, modernising and extension of offices, hotels, residential buildings, schools, museums and hospitals, industrial buildings and administration centres, as well as listed historical and sacred buildings


  • Latest EnOcean radio technology
  • Maintenance-free thanks to energy harvesting
  • Excellent transmission properties
  • Power generated by means of solar cells

Multi-Functional Outdoor Radio Sensor
for Humidity, Temperature & Light Intensity

Indoor Radio Sensors & Room Control Devices
for Humidity, Temperature, VOC & Motion

EnOcean Wireless Receivers & Transmitters

Wireless Room Sensors & Control Devices for Temperature and Humidity

Maintenance-free radio sensors with solar cells, for room temperature and/or humidity measuring as well as wireless setpoint specification and transmission to radio actuators and receivers/gateways. Many different device variants available, with rotary dials, setpoint potentiometer and pushbuttons.

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Radio Sensor Technology in Focus


Radio sensors (2 or 4 channels)
in panel switch programme design
Purchase wall switches


Radio sensors (1 channel) 
for attachment with adhesive or screws
Discover door & window contacts


Radio receivers (1 or 2 channels) 
for in-wall or on-wall installation
Discover actuators


Multi-functional outdoor radio sensor 
for wind force and light intensity
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