Mean value temperature measuring transducer MWTM-Modbus 6,0m LCD
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Mean value temperature measuring transducer THERMASGARD® MWTM-Modbus 6,0m LCD

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Mean value temperature measuring transducer THERMASGARD® MWTM - Modbus
Calibratable THERMASGARD® MWTM - Modbus mean value temperature measuring transducer (rod sensor) with Modbus connection, flexible, fully active sensor rod and plastic-coated copper protective tube (rugged design), with terminal box housing made of impact resistant plastic, housing cover with quick-locking screws.
The temperature transmitter serves to detect average temperatures (mean values) in gaseous media, e.g. in ventilation and air conditioning ducts over the entire cross section or over a defined length. Laid along a meandering route as a duct sensor, it uniformly detects the surrounding temperature. The mean value temperature measuring sensor is factory-calibrated. Adjustment/Fine-tuning by the user is possible (zero-point offset is adjustable). The MWTM transmitter is available in lengths of 0.4 ... 20 m and includes a mounting flange as standard. Optional MK-05-M mounting clamps can be ordered as accessory.

Technical details

Voltage supply
24 V AC (± 20 %) and
15…36 V DC
Power consumption
< 1,0 W/ 24 V DC
< 2,2 VA/ 24 V AC
Data points
température [°C]
Temperature deviation
typically ± 0.2 K at +25 °C
Pt1000, DIN EN 60751, class B
Measuring range
– 50...+ 150 °C; Tmin –50 °C, Tmax + 80 °C
Zero point offset
± 10 °C
Ambient temperature
Measuring transducer –30...+70 °C
clean air and
non-aggressive, non-combustible gases
Error detection
sensor breakage, sensor short circuit
Bus protocol
Modbus (RTU mode),
address range 0...247 selectable
Signal filtering
0,3 s / 1 s / 10 s
stainless steel, 1.4571, V4A
Rod material
copper sensor tube, plastic-coated,
with spring for buckling protection
active along the entire sensor length
Cable gland
2x M 12 x 1.5 (Y-adapter); with strain relief,
exchangeable, max. inner diameter 6 mm
observe minimum bending radius of 35 mm and
permissible vibration load, ½ G
Permissible air humidity
< 95 % RH, non-precipitating air
Protection class
III (according to EN 60 730)
Process connection
by mounting flange, plastic
(galvanised steel optional, see accessories)
and mounting clamps MK - 05 - M
Protection type
IP 65 (according to EN 60 529)*
Sensor and rod dimensions
Ø = 5.0 mm,
nominal length NL = 6 m
(nominal length optional up to max. 20 m)
plastic, UV-stabilised,
material polyamide, 30 % glass-globe reinforced,
with quick-locking screws
(slotted/ Phillips head - combination),
colour traffic white (similar to RAL 9016)
Housing dimensions
72 x 64 x 43.3 mm (Tyr 1 with Display)
CE conformity,
electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 61326,
according to EMC Directive 2014/ 30/ EU
two-line display with illumination, programmable,
cutout approx. 36 x 15 mm (W x H),
for displaying the actual temperature or
an individually programmable display value
(The Modbus interface allows the display to be individually
configured in the 7-segment area and in the dot-matrix area.)