Maintenance incl. calibration AO2-Check

Maintenance incl. calibration AERASGARD® AO2-Check

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Maintenance incl. calibration AERASGARD® AO2 Check
Our AO2 oxygen sensor maintenance service is essential to ensure accurate and reliable measurement of oxygen levels in the ambient air. Regular inspection and, if necessary, sensor replacement after 18 months guarantee the long-term stability and precision of the device. The AO2 sensor is an indispensable tool in various applications, including workplaces, medical facilities, HVAC systems, and greenhouses, where precise oxygen level monitoring is required.

How it works:
1. You can order the service online or through our sales team.
2. After our confirmation with RMA number, you send us your device.
3. We perform the maintenance and, if ordered, replace the sensor.
4. We return the device to you.
Note: If it turns out that the sensor is no longer operational even after maintenance has been carried out, we will inform you. A sensor replacement is necessary, which will be carried out after confirmation from you.
You will be charged for this service.