Temperature con troller, one-step THERMASREG® TR 022

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Product group: WG01
Temperature con troller, one-step THERMASREG® TR 022
Mechanical THERMASREG® TR 22 room and wet room temperature controller with switching output (one-step) and a with copper capillary which operates without an external voltage.
The transmitter is used for monitoring and controlling temperatures in heat generation plants, in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, for ventilation, cooling and climate control in halls, in cold storage rooms, greenhouses, nurseries, stables and breeding rooms, as an industrial room thermostat or surface contact thermostat in industrial applications as well as in wet rooms and outdoor areas.
Technical details
Switching capacity (Contact load)
24…250 V AC +10 %, 16 A, cos = 1.0
24…250 V AC +10 %, 1.5 A, cos = 0.6
at 24 V AC min. 150 mA
dust-proof switch block unit as potential-free
single-pole changeover contact
Electrical connection
0.14 - 2.5 mm²
via terminal screws
plastic, UV-stabilised,
material polyamide, 30 % glass-globe-reinforced,
colour traffic white (similar to RAL 9016)
Housing dimensions
108 x 70 x 73,5 mm (Thor 2)
Housing temperature
–35...+65 °C
Cable gland
M 20 x 1.5; including strain relief
Design principle
torsion meter with liquid filling
Tmin ± 3 K; Tmax ± 3 K
Protection class
I (according to EN 60 730)
Protection type
IP 65 (according to EN 60 529)*
CE conformity,
EMC directive 2014/ 30/ EU,
low-voltage directive 2014/ 35/ EU