Room operating unit (controller) RYMASKON 1000 C Controller - 24V
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Room operating unit (controller) - 24 V RYMASKON® 1000 C Controller - 24V

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Room operating unit (controller) RYMASKON® 1000 C Controller
The room control units of the RYMASKON® 1000 / 2000 / 3000 series are designed for control (up to 5 climate zones) in residential, hotel and office rooms and individually regulate the heating, cooling and fan levels of the internal rooms. The controller variants can be operated as stand-alone units thanks to the integrated control functions PI, PWM or 2-/3-point control. The product family is characterised by its elegant design, intuitive operation and the many possible combinations of the individual components. The room control units RYMASKON® 1000 C (controller) are used to control and regulate heating convectors and fan coils. Depending on the type variant, the units are available with analogue outputs (0-10 V) and with Digital / relay outputs for controlling heating valves, cooling valves, 6-way valves, staged fans or EC fans.
Control takes place via PI, PWM or 2-point/3-point control. The change-over function can be used to operate 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems. The Modbus or W-Modbus communication interface enables the climate parameters on the controller to be changed and monitored via the BMS at any time. In addition, the sun protection (Venetian blinds, shutters) and light functions can be controlled via the bus. Visual indication takes place on a 2" TFT display, operation is via capacitive touch keys. In addition to the integrated temperature and humidity sensor, sensors for CO2 and VOC are available as an option. An input for a passive temperature sensor (NTC10K) and an input for a potential-free contact are additionally available. This allows a window contact or a condensation control switch to be connected, for example. This provides all options for air-conditioning of the rooms according to individual requirements. All unit types are available in the contemporary housing Iduna 3 (111 x 89 mm) in white or black colour. Wall-mounting is performed on standard in-wall flush boxes.

Technical details

Voltage supply
24 V AC/ DC (± 10 %)
Power consumption
typically < 3 W at 24 V DC; typically < 4.5 VA at 24 V AC
Measuring range, humidity
0...100 % RH
Deviation of humidity
typical ± 2.0 % (20…80 % RH); at + 25 °C, otherwise ± 3.0 %

Measuring range, temperature
0...+50 °C / +32...+122 °F
Temperature deviation
typically ± 0.5 K at +25 °C
1x NTC10K, 1x digital
1 Input NTC10K
(can be configured as a digital input DI1, potential-free)
1 Digital input DI2 for potential-free switches or
for potential-loaded switch (230 V AC relay variant)
Operating elements
Capacitive keys (up to 10 keys, depending on type)
for setting the target temperature, fan stages, presence message, sensor values,
and for operating sun protection and light
Modbus RTU (RS485 interface for RTU cable)
Ambient temperature
0...+50 °C (operation); –30...+70 °C (storage)
Electrical connection
0.2 - 1.5 mm², using push-in terminals
Plastic, ABS material, colour white or black
Housing dimensions
111 x 89 x 24 mm (Iduna 3) + 22 mm (in-wall)
Wall-mounting on in-wall flush box, Ø 55 mm,
(on-wall installation on request)
Permissible air humidity
0...90 % RH (non-precipitating air)
Protection type
IP 30 (according to EN 60 529)
CE conformity,
2014/30/EU EMC Directive (EN 60730-1/2, EN 61000-6-1/3),
2001/95/EG Product safety (EN 60730-1),
2014/35/EU Low-Voltage Directive (EN 60730-1/2)
Radio Directive ETSI 300 328 V2.2.2
TFT display, 2" (41 x 30 mm), 320 x 240 x 3 pixels (RGB),
LED backlighting, viewing angle ± 85°
Temperature, fan, sun protection and light (see type table)