room control unit with 2-point regulation RYMASKON® 500

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Product group: WG02
room control unit with 2-point regulation RYMASKON® 500
The RYMASKON® 500 / 600 / 700 series of room control units have been designed for controlling the climatic
zone in residential, hotel and office rooms and individually regulate the heating/cooling steps of the interior spaces. A colour touch display with modern icons is used for the visual display and operation at the location.The product range is characterised by the variety of combination options of the individual components.

The RYMASKON® 500 Thermostat series regulates a heating or cooling valve directly through a relay.
Solar protection equipment (shutters, Venetian blinds) can be controlled in one zone via the bus. Two external temperature sensors (NTC10K) can be connected in addition to the integrated temperature sensor.
A measuring element for relative humidity is also available. The devices are used in room climate technology and heating/cooling systems, such as cooling ceilings and floor heating. Wall mounting is performed on standard in-wall flush boxes. The devices are available with a Modbus or BACnet communication interface (optionally without communication) and in various type versions (see number key).
The RYMASKON® 510 Thermostat basic model features a colour touch display (3.5") in a white housing, an integrated temperature and humidity sensor, 2 resistance inputs (for external NTC10K temperature sensors), 1 digital input, 1 relay output (7A) and optional Modbus or BACnet connection. The room control units are mainly used for direct heating/cooling control through the relay (2-point regulation) and for solar protection control via fieldbus.
Technical details
Voltage supply
24 V AC/DC (± 15 %)
Power consumption
max. 1.92 W
Measuring range, humidity
0...100 % r. H.
Deviation of humidity
typically ±2 % r.H. (20...80 % r.H.) at +25 °C
Measuring range, temperature
–40...+125 °C
Temperature deviation
typically ±0.5 °C at +25 °C
Temperature sensor
integrated temperature sensor
2 resistance inputs (NTC10K) for external temperature sensors 1 digital input (potential-free), impedance <1 kOhm
1 relay output (2-point regulation)
7 A (resistive load);
1.3 A (inductive load)
Operating mode
Comfort, ECO, OFF, Boost, Holiday, Frost Protection
Operating elements
3.5" touch display with background lighting,
cut-out approx. 50 x 75 mm, resolution 320 x 480 pixels, 255,000 colours
Ambient temperature
0...+50 °C (operation); –30...+70 °C (storage)
Electrical connection
0.14 - 1.5 mm² via terminal screws
plastic, polycarbonate material, self-extinguishing, white colour (optionally black or chrome), weight approx. 220g
approx. 88 x 112 x 14.5 mm (on-wall)
approx. 52 x 53 x 28.5 mm (in-wall)
wall mounting on in-wall flush box, Ø 55 mm
Permissible air humidity
0...95 % r. H., (non-precipitating air)
Protection type
IP 20 (according to EN 60 529)
CE conformity,
according to EMC directive 2004/108/EU, Low-Voltage directive 2006/95/EU,
according to EN 61000-6-1/3, EN 60730-1, EN 6100-4-2/4/5/11
temperature (1 zone),
sun protection hood (1 zone)