Radio receiver KYMASGARD® SA400-FEM-AP

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Product group: WG02
Radio receiver KYMASGARD® SA400 - FEM - AP
The KYMASGARD® SA400 - FEM - AP switching actuator provides four potential-free channels and has been designed for on-wall installation. Initiated by up to 30 radio transmitters (wall-mounted and hand-held transmitters, motion detectors, outdoor light sensors) and the auxiliary inputs, up to four different groups of electric consumers can be switched.
Each taught-in transmitter can be assigned a different function such as a sequential pushbutton function or a 10-minute switch-off delay. The repeater function can be additionally activated by means of a simple procedure.
Technical details
Operating mode
switching ON/ OFF (long push of button),
pulse switch, stepping switch
Rated voltage
110 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Operating elements
2 buttons ("LRN"/ "CLR")
2 LEDs ("LRN"/ "CLR")
1 rotary switch with 16 positions
4 channels
Standby consumption
0.6 W
Load output Connected load
normally open contact potential free
rated current: 16 A/ 250 V AC
max. switch-on current: 130 A/ 20 ms
max. switching capacity AC1: 4000 VA
max. switching capacity AC15: 750 VA
filament bulbs: 2000 W
halogen lamps 230 V AC: 2000 W
fluorescent lamps, uncompensated: 1000 W
fluorescent lamps, compensated: 750 W
fluorescent lamps, duo-connection: 1000 W
motor load 1Ph AC3/ 230 V AC: 1 kW
electronic ballast assuming 30 F: 3 unit
capacitive load : 30 F
Switching properties
Ambient temperature
–20...+40 °C (in operation)
Storage temperature
–40...+85 °C
4mm², via terminal screws
plastic, material ABS,
170 x 85 x 40 mm
Permissible air humidity
5…90 % r.H., non-precipitating air
Protection type
IP 42 (according to EN 60 529)
CE conformity, EN 090-2-2, EN 60669-2-1,
ROHS conformity according to directive 2011/ 65/ EU