Save Energy with Interconnectivity

Modbus Capable Sensors with S+S Technology

Smart Facility Automation for Central Energy Management

In view of rapidly rising energy costs, centralised recording, monitoring
and control of power consumption is of increasing importance in facility management. Our Modbus interconnective measuring transducers for temperature, humidity and pressures as well as VOC, CO2 and particulate matter can help you improve the overall energy efficiency of buildings and
save a lot of money.

Application Areas of Modbus Sensors

Facility automation in industrial and commercial buildings, central energy management in public and private facilities, including hospitals, administration centres, schools and museums, as well as acquisition and control of temperature, humidity and pressure parameters in areas with difficult access


  • Widely used fieldbus standard in facility management
  • Non-proprietary communication protocol
  • Proven S+S sensor technology

Modbus Duct Sensors for Temperature

Modbus On-Wall Sensors

Pressure, Differential Pressure & Volume Flow

Modbus Interconnective Measuring Transducers

powerIO® System for Facility Automation

The powerIO® system enables a more efficient control, better monitoring and operational management than previous, conventional systems. And all of this independent of control system suppliers. The installation system offers high compatibility with all sensors and actuators from leading manufacturers, and can be extended to support all common protocols. Its basic design uses three modular component families.

Modus Interconnective Energy Measuring Devices in Focus


RYMASKON 200 & 400 room controllers in white or black
Discover RYMASKON 200 & 400


For temperature, humidity, differential pressure and volume flow
Purchase 3 in 1 duct sensors


Active bus termination device for
RS485 networks
Purchase LA-Modbus


For use as communication adapter (RS485/USB) or bus terminator
Discover our KA-2