Immersion sleevesTH08-MS/VA
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Immersion sleeves

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Immersion sleevesTH08-MS/VA
Immersion sleeves made of stainless steel or brass, nickel-plated, for temperature sensors and measuring transducers TF 43, TM 43, TF 65, TM 65, TM 65-Modbus (Tyr 1)
Uncompromising quality and safety are also paramount in the design of the accessory from S+S. This is why our metal immersion sleeves for duct sensors are made using either nickel plated brass or stainless steel. Brass is an alloy consisting mainly of copper and zinc, which provide good forming and machining properties, mechanical strength, temperature resistance and electrical conductivity.
In contrast to conventional products in the market, however, our brass immersion sleeves feature an additional nickel coating. This ensures their longterm corrosion resistance in minor aggressive media, from air and water to alkaline solutions and diluted acids. At the same time, the nickel layer prevents ingredients in thermally conductive compounds from stripping the copper and causing pitting.
Highest protection against corrosion is provided by immersion sleeves made of stainless steel. Among the available qualities, we chose VA 1.4571 or AISI 316 Ti, a high-grade austenite specialty combining chromium, nickel and molybdenum with an extra titanium content. The alloy has a proven fit particularly in the design of chemical process equipment and technical instruments as well as in waste gas and water treatment. Its corrosion resistance also includes chlorides or salts and more aggressive acids, such as hydrochloric acid (HCl).