Frost protectionostat FST-xx D
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Frost protection thermostat THERMASREG® FST-xx D

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Frost protection thermostat THERMASREG® FST-xx D
Mechanical frost protection thermostat/ frost monitor THERMASREG® FST with switching output, fully-active sensor rod, with automatic reset or with mechanical locking – with manual reset is available with capillaries in lengths of 0.6 m, 1.8 m, 3 m, 6 m, 12 m.
The frost protector is suitable for air or water-side temperature monitoring at heat exchangers, water circulation systems and heating registers to prevent freezing up and to avoid frost damage, e.g. in ventilation and air conditioning ducts. All devices are intrinsically safe and are equipped with sensor breakage detection. In the event of damage to the capillary membrane system, the frost sensor automatically switches to the heating function. The FST 3 can also be used to monitor liquids. The sensor tube can be installed inside an immersion sleeve. MK-05-K mounting clamps are included in the scope of delivery.