Duct humidity sensor for mixture ratio KAVTF
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Duct humidity sensor for mixture ratio HYGRASGARD® KAVTF

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Duct humidity sensor for mixture ratio HYGRASGARD® KAVTF
The universal HYGRASGARD® KAVTF humidity measuring transducer with 6 output values is used to determine diverse measurands in humidity measuring. Measurands include relative humidity and ambient air temperature. These measurands are used to calculate various parametres internally.
The transmitters have been designed to operate in pollutant-free, non-precipitating air with neither above-atmospheric nor below-atmospheric pressure at the sensors. Application examples include medical, refrigeration, air conditioning and clean room engineering. The sensors are suitable for duct installation.

Technical details

Power consumption
< 1 W at 24 V DC; < 2 VA at 24 V AC
Data points
Temperature [°C], relative humidity [% RH],
dew point [°C], absolute humidity [g / m3],
mixture ratio [g / kg], enthalpy [kJ / kg]
Measuring range, humidity
multi-range switching with 8 switchable measuring ranges
0...100 % r. H. (default)
Operating range, humidity
10...95 % RH, without formation of dew
Deviation of humidity
typical ± 2 % RH (20…80 % RH ); at + 25 °C, otherwise ± 3 % RH
Deviations of other outputs result from
deviations of humidity and temperature.
Measuring range, temperature
multi-range switching with
4 switchable measuring ranges
0...+50 °C (default); –20...+80 °C; –35...+75 °C; –35...+35 °C
Operating range, temperature
–35...+80 °C sensors
Temperature deviation
typically ± 0.2 K at +25 °C
Sensor protection
plastic sinter filter, Ø 16 mm, L = 35 mm, exchangeable
(optional metal sinter filter, Ø 16 mm, L = 32 mm)
Measuring ranges
0...+50 / –20...+80 / –35...+75 / –35...+35 °C
0...100 % RH
Ambient temperature
storage –35...+85 °C,
operation – 30...+70 °C, non-precipitating
Process connection
by mounting flange, plastic
(included in the scope of delivery)
Protective tube
PLEUROFORM, material polyamide (PA6), with torsion protection,
Ø 20 mm, NL = 235 mm (optionally 100 mm), vmax = 30 m/s (air)
(option on request in stainless steel V2A (1.4301), Ø 16mm)
Cable connection
cable gland, plastic (M 16 x 1.5; with strain relief, exchangeable, max. inner diameter 10.4 mm) or
M12 connector according to DIN EN 61076-2-101 (optional on request)
Cable gland
M 16 x 1.5, including strain relief, exchangeable,
max. inner diameter 10.4 mm
Protection class
III (according to EN 60 730)
Protection type
IP 65 (according to EN 60 529) housing only!
Protection type housing
IP 65
CE conformity,
electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 61326,
according to EMC Directive 2014/ 30/ EU