Dual pressure sensor as pressure transmitter and differential pressure transmitter PREMASGARD 722x
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Dual pressure sensor as pressure transmitter and differential pressure transmitter PREMASGARD® 722x

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Dual pressure sensor as pressure transmitter and differential pressure transmitter PREMASGARD® 722x
Patented quality product (patent no. DE 10 2015 015 941 B4)
Calibratable PREMASGARD® 722x dual pressure transmitter (series) with 2x 8 switchable measuring ranges, 2 automated output signals (32 devices in one), housing with pressure connection nozzle made of impact resistant plastic, optionally with/without display, with cable gland or M12 plug-in connector acc. to DIN EN 61076-2-101 for measuring overpressure, underpressure or differential pressure of the air. The pressure measuring transducer automatically detects the required output type and converts the measurands into the required standard signal of 0–10 V or 4...20 mA (Automatic Output Switching). We have patented this unique technology.
The device is used in cleanroom, medical and filter engineering, ventilation and air conditioning ducts, spray booths and large-scale catering facilities, in filter monitoring and level measuring or frequency converter triggering. Media measured with this pressure measuring transducer are clean air (non-precipitating) or other gaseous, non-aggressive, non-combustible media.
Both pressure sensors have a piezoresistive measuring element, are temperature-compensated and guarantee a high level of reliability and accuracy. The sensor device provides a push-button for manual zero-point matching as well as an offset potentiometer for correcting the final value. The transmitter is factory-calibrated and can be fine-tuned to ambient conditions by an expert. It is supplied with an ASD-06 connection set (2 m connection hose, two pressure connection nipples, screws).

Technical details

Voltage supply
24 V AC/ DC (± 10 %)
Power consumption
< 2 W/24 V DC; < 4,4 VA/24 V AC
Working resistance
Ra (Ohm) = 25 ...450 Ohm for I variant
Load resistance
RL > 15 kOhm (bei U-Ausgang)
AOS - automatically 0 -10 V/ 4...20 mA
Connection type
3-wire connection
Measuring function
differential pressure
Measuring ranges
Multi-range switching with 2 x 8 switchable measuring ranges
Media temperature
–20...+50 °C
Pressure connection
with connection nozzles for pressure hose Ø 6 mm
Type of pressure
differential pressure, twin pressure (2 measuring channels)
Zero point offset
± 10 % measuring range
Above- below-pressure
± 50 kPa
clean air and
non-aggressive, non-combustible gases
Signal filtering
switchable 1 s/ 10 s
Cable connection
cable gland, plastic (M 16 x 1.5; with strain relief,
exchangeable, max. inner diameter 10.4 mm) or
M12 connector (male, 5-pin, A-code)
according to DIN EN 61076-2-101 (optional on request)
plastic, UV-stabilised,
material polyamide, 30 % glass-globe reinforced,
with quick-locking screws
(slotted/ Phillips head - combination),
colour traffic white (similar to RAL 9016),
housing cover for display is transparent !
126 x 90 x 50 mm (Tyr 2)
Temperature drift values
± 0.1 % of final value/ °C
Air humidity
< 95 % RH, non-precipitating air
Protection class
III (according to EN 60 730)
Protection type
IP 65 (according to EN 60 529) in the built-in state
CE conformity,
according to EMC directive 2014/ 30/ EU,
according to EN 61326-1, according to EN 61326-2-3