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Digital humidity & temperature room sensor HYGRASGARD® RFTF with Modbus connection

With the calibratable HYGRASGARD® RFTF room sensor with Modbus connection, you always have your room air in view - for the optimum feel-good climate. The sensor measures the relative humidity and the temperature of your room. Various parameters are calculated internally from these measured variables. Whether in living or working rooms, canteen kitchens, hotel lobbies, warehouses or in the medical sector - with the digital room sensor you give unpleasant air no chance.
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Doppeldrucksensor PREMASGARD 722


NEW: Dual pressure sensor PREMASGARD® 722x with AOS (Automatic Output Switching)

Our PREMASGARD® 722x dual pressure sensor is used to measure pressure, differential pressure and volume flow in air filter systems. It is used in clean room or medical technology, in ventilation and air-conditioning ducts or in canteen kitchens in order to be able to act quickly in the event of abnormalities or contamination. Always keep an eye on the failure-free operation and optimum air quality of your ventilation system!
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Donation instead of presents!


Donation instead of presents!  

Due to the diffucult situation of many people, we have decided not to send Christmas presents to our customers and business partners. Instead, we support local aid organisations for people in need: 

"Freude für Alle" (Joy for All) – a Christmas campaign of the Nürnberger Nachrichten
For 50 years now, the campaign has been supporting people who are socially marginalised and in need - whether due to illness, a disability, unemployment, due to low pension entitlements or for other reasons. A major focus is on children, who suffer particularly from poverty.

"Tafel Nürnberger Land e.V." – Food donations for people in need  
According to the motto "everyone gives what they can", more than 100 small and large companies are involved in the Tafel Nürnberger Land. They collect "surplus", but qualitatively impeccable, saleable food. Direct and uncomplicated help for people who are on the edge of the subsistence level. 

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NEW: RHEASREG® KLGF and KLSW Duct Airflow Monitors 

Professional monitoring and control of air ducts, fans, control dampers, humidifiers and electric heating coils requires precise flow sensor technology. Our new generation of air flow monitors is reliably at your side. 
The product families RHEASGARD® KLGF (with active output) and RHEASREG® KLSW (with switching output) determine the flow velocity from 0.1...20 m/s with high response speed. They are available with or without display, have a linearized output and are also suitable for integration into DDC systems.

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NEW: CO2 pendulum sensor AERASGARD® RPCO2

Your application requires precise monitoring of the CO2 content? Especially in medical technology, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology or even in large greenhouses, constant monitoring of the air quality is indispensable. 

For these applications, we offer a safe, innovative and reliable solution in the form of our AERASGARD® RPCO2 with remote CO2 pendulum sensor. The sensor is available in four configurations: with/without changeover contact as alarm output and in both versions with/without display (LCD). The device is made in Germany and available for immediate delivery. 
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S+S Regeltechnik has expanded the pressure measuring ranges of its PREMASGARD® transmitters for gaseous and liquid media

S+S Regeltechnik, a European leader in smart sensor technology for facility and plant engineering, has innovated the family of its proven PREMASGARD® SHD pressure measuring transducers. In the SHD/SHD-SD product range, the transmitters are now available for relative pressures up to 40 bar. The measuring ranges of the PREMASGARD® SHD 692 differential pressure transmitter have been expanded to 10 bar.

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S+S Regeltechnik GmbH acquires Consens GmbH

Consens is a developer of sensors, components, testing technology and systems for humidity, temperature and air quality. The company was founded in 1998 and has 13 employees with its headquarter and production in Thüringen, Germany.