Air flow monitor RHEASREG® KLGFVT-W LCD

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Product group: WG01
Air flow monitor RHEASREG® KLGF / KLSW
Electronic RHEASGARD® KLGF duct air flow transmitter with active output, in an impact resistant plastic housing, optionally with/without display, for determining flow velocity in m/s. The measuring transducer converts the measured value into a standard signal of 0-10 V.

ElectronicRHEASREG® KLSW duct air flow monitor with switching output (one-step or two-step relay), in a plastic housing, for determining flow velocity in m/s. Fine adjustment of the measuring range end value by the user is possible with the help of a potentiometer.
The flow sensor devices are suitable for monitoring or controlling airflow in ducts, at ventilators and dampers, for flow-dependent monitoring of humidifiers and electric heating registers according to DIN 57100, part 420, or for use in connection with DDC systems.
Technical details
Voltage supply
24 V AC/ DC (± 10 %)
Start bridging
60 s (über DIP-Schalter aktivierbar)
Measuring accuracy
0,5 m/s + 3 % MW
Warm up time
< 2 min
Response time
< 60 s
0-10 V
Output signal
automatically 0 -10 V/ 4...20 mA (via Automatic Output Switching - the device recognizes the required output type and automatically switches to U or I output)
± 1,0 % EW
Current consumption
approx. 4 VA
Measuring range
0,1...20 m/s
kalorimetrisch, temperaturkompensiert, Fühlerbruchsicherung, mit manueller Nullpunktkalibrierung (über Taster)
Measuring ranges
Flow velocity [m/s], Volume flow [m³/h], temperature [°C]
Media temperature
0...+70 °C
Ambient temperature
Lagerung –20...+50 °C; Betrieb 0...+50 °C
pollutant-free, non-precipitating air
Process connection
by mounting flange
(included in the scope of delivery)
Electrical connection
0.2 - 1.5 mm², via push-in terminal
Cable gland
M 16 x 1.5, including strain relief, exchangeable,
max. inner diameter 10.4 mm
Protective tube
PLEUROFORMTM, Werkstoff Polyamid (PA6), verdrehsicher,
Ø 20 mm, NL = 221 mm, vmax = 30 m/s (Luft),
optional auf Anfrage aus Edelstahl V2A (1.4301), Ø 16 mm
126 x 90 x 50 mm (Tyr 2)
Long-term stability
± 0,5 % EW pro Jahr
Cable connection
cable gland, plastic (M 16 x 1.5; with strain relief, exchangeable, max. inner diameter 10.4 mm) or
M12 connector according to DIN EN 61076-2-101 (optional on request)
< 98% r.H., nicht kondensierende, schadstofffreie Luft
Kunststoff, UV-beständig, Werkstoff Polyamid, 30 % glaskugelverstärkt,
mit Schnellverschlussschrauben (Schlitz/ Kreuzschlitz-Kombination),
Farbe Verkehrsweiß (ähnlich RAL 9016), Deckel für Display ist transparent!
Protection class
III (according to EN 60 730)
Protection type
IP 65 (according to EN 60 529)*
± 1,0 % EW
CE conformity,
according to EMC directive 2014/ 30/ EU,
according to EN 61326-1, according to EN 61326-2-3
Display mit Beleuchtung, dreizeilig,
Ausschnitt ca. 70 x 40 mm (B x H),
zur Anzeige der Strömungsgeschwindigkeit